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Jeannette Seibly’s hiring method and coaching skills have assisted me in employing the right person for the office manager position in my office. In the past, I have experienced extreme frustration and dreaded hiring new employees. Jennette’s approach has given me confidence in my decisions and now I enjoy the hiring process. As a small business owner, my employees are a vital part of my business and life.

Jeanette’s tools and techniques for evaluating compatibility between myself and potential employees were incredibly accurate. These dependable results not only made me feel confident I was hiring the correct person it also gave me tools to improve communication and strengthen our working relationship. I highly recommend Jeannette and her system to companies who desire employees to not only fill a position but enhance their business. I will always use her services when I hire new employees.

Thanks, Jeannette!

Ann-Marie Yeager MSOM, L.Ac.

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