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“Jeannette has helped our company increase Net Income by 350%(!), increase Net Operating Income by 18.5% and lower Operating Expenses by 10%.  She is a great strategist and sees the big picture, helping us see where to focus our efforts. She is also very creative coming up with out-of-the-box solutions to our challenges.” CB, President

What’s your dream?  Be it career or professional endeavors – each of us has a dream!

Some have budding ideas for business ventures to create financial independence, or to create not-for-profits to fulfill humanitarian purposes. Others simply wish to be a top performer in their career of choice. Regardless of the dream, we would all love to have these ideas materialize with ease, and directly lead to financial success.

Some prospective biz owners rely upon luck. But savvy executives and smart  professionals rely upon their business acumen. They hire coaches, strategize, and prepare to create their own opportunities for success. SeibCo designed a process proven to take people to the next level in their careers and business endeavors.  This process works!

Luck does not come from some outside source; it lies within your preparation. The key is to optimize human performance by breaking through barriers that normally get in the way. Once you design, build and sustain a solid foundation for a business or a not-for-profit, life is never the same. It becomes an awesome journey that brings authentic personal satisfaction and financial rewards that can not be forced, mimicked or manufactured.

SeibCo‘s hands-on practical program answers the how-to questions successfully to create compelling goals, implement focused action steps and accelerate outcomes with solid financial results.

Learn secrets for professional success that work for you without expense and energy drain – no need to reinvent the wheel

  • Get started as an entrepreneur or business owner
  • Create a profitable business or not-for-profit venture
  • Launch successful projects in large companies, small business ventures, or not-for-profits with strategic and tactical focus.
  • Achieve breakthrough performance in your business or career

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Achieve unprecedented results within 24 hours you will have clarity backed by technology to move with ease and velocity toward realizing your huge dreams. This program is designed to both re-energize the experienced, and ignite new entrepreneurs, small business owners, executives and business professionals – anyone –  who are ready now to realize their huge dreams or business projects.

“I recently did Jeannette’s Accelerate Success program. It was powerful stuff indeed. I went from being problem focused and dealing with stuff that people don’t typically want to deal with to something that has magnetism and creates possibility.” JM, Business Owner and Author

“When I sat down with Jeannette, I got clear on what my business would be, and to remove what was in my way. Since that Workshop I have been on fire!” BS, Business Owner

“Jeannette kept my eye on my goals. As a result I have attained the highest income and recognition level of my career.” CH, Business Owner

“Jeannette is one of the most amazing coaches I’ve had the pleasure to work with. She is insightful, committed to clients’ success and pulls no punches. I always know she’s straight with me, working with me to produce greater results than I expected.” SM, Business Professional

“Jeannette cut through the noise and clutter to guide me towards a focus on what mattered for my law practice and real estate development work. We produced results!” DM, Business Owner and Attorney

 “Jeannette has helped me take my business to the next level. She helped me enhance my confidence, define my goals, and take the necessary steps to get there.” SS, Business Owner

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 About the Coach:

“Jeannette is one of those consultants who actually gets results.” DP, Business Owner

Jeannette Seibly, an internationally recognized business mentor & executive coach for over 19 years, has over 31+ years of corporate, small business and management experience. She coaches and mentors thousands of business owners and executives to work smarter, have financial freedom, and realize their dreams now. Along the way, she has created three millionaires.

Her trademark is the uncanny ability to help business professionals identify roadblocks and help them blast through walls to produce unprecedented outcomes. As a result, executives, managers and employees effectively communicate with one another and achieve goals independently and in teams to impact their bottom lines positively. She is consistently rated as being very personable, having high integrity and reliably providing great results.

Jeannette has a B.S. in Personnel Administration and M.A. in Communications from Michigan State University. She is the author of the book, Hiring Amazing Employees, and has published more than 60 articles on strategic business tips for business owners and executives — these include, Denver Business Journal, The Employer’s Advantage, Greater Lansing Business Monthly and Optimize Your Human Performance (, Smart Hiring Made Easy (, and BizSavvyCoach (

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