Critical Thinking is the Most Important Business Skill to Teach

Critical thinking skills are required for a strong, resilient, and agile workforce. Create a culture where these required skills are taught on a daily basis.

The Critical Manager

Do you always find fault with whatever someone does? Do you believe your way is the only right way? Do you praise privately but rebuke openly? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be a critical manager. You attitude and behavior can make it difficult to work with you and nearly … Read more

How You Can Help Your Team Be Their Best

As a leader, it’s your responsibility to guide your teams and team members to be their best. This includes taking responsibility for their failures as well as their successes. 6 Tips to Develop the Best Believe in Them. This is #1. If you don’t believe in people, you won’t be the best leader and will … Read more

The Initial Crisis Is Over…Now, How Do You Energize Your Team?

The crisis initially energized many teams and they are are now plateauing. As leaders, many have moved on to new ideas and have overlooked the needs of your team!

Remote Leadership is the New Normal, So Get Good At It!

“Leadership is more than a title. It requires guiding others to succeed regardless of the situation!” Jeannette Seibly

When You Hit the Wall of Resistance, What Do You Do?

“Your wall of resistance is a gift that lets you know it’s time to explore new opportunities.” Jeannette Seibly

How to Bridge the Generation Gap by Being a True Leader

No generation has all the answers! Bridging this generation gap now is important. Otherwise, it will become too wide and too deep.