Critical Thinking is the Most Important Business Skill to Teach

Critical thinking skills are required for a strong, resilient, and agile workforce. Create a culture where these required skills are taught on a daily basis.

The Critical Manager

Do you always find fault with whatever someone does? Do you believe your way is the only right way? Do you praise privately but rebuke openly? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be a critical manager. You attitude and behavior can make it difficult to work with you and nearly … Read more

Want Better Results? Encourage Employees to Speak Up

Yes, we’re all busy! But taking the time and encouraging employees to speak up ensures better solutions and retention of top talent! Many leaders fear taking risks, especially today. And in turn, employees fear speaking up to report mistakes, ask questions, offer new ideas, or challenge action plans or decisions. With everyone focused on keeping … Read more

How to Achieve Results While Working through Uncertainty

When you feel uncertain about a decision, it is often due to your fear of making a mistake, experiencing a failure, or not being in control of the outcome. Uncertainty feels uncomfortable. Many people will do everything they can to avoid it, which causes anxiety in their jobs, relationships, careers, businesses, and life choices. But … Read more

Overlooked Human Leadership Skills Required for Success

There is a change occurring! Team members are leaving traditional and metrics-driven leadership. They are seeking leadership that focuses on the human dynamics that impact results. For example, “That’s how it’s always been done.” vs. “Great idea. How do you recommend we put it in place?” During the past several years, leaders have fallen back … Read more

Hey You! Are You Ignoring What Needs to Be Changed?

Many leaders claim to be too busy and ignore the big picture and the details of a project or team. But the reality is, if you don’t pay attention, you will be even busier putting out fires, losing top talent and customers, and negatively impacting performance and profitability. Definition of Ignore by Oxford Languages: “Refuse … Read more

How to Use Failure to Grow Your Success and Opportunities

Many leaders and bosses fear failure. Why? They want to look good in the eyes of their team, boss, and customers and be well-liked. The problem is that when leaders fear failure, they can become locked in a myopic point-of-view of what can be accomplished and how it should be done. This limits their successes … Read more

How to Remove Elephants by Resolving Difficult Issues or Situations

When elephants are in the room, it means an obvious issue or situation is being avoided or ignored. While you may rely on the excuse, “if you ignore them, they’ll go away,” these elephants have a sneaky way of sticking around and sabotaging results — regardless of your feelings about their importance. Team members quietly … Read more

How to Use Adversity to Make You and Your Team Stronger

Like it or not, every team will hit a “wall” when adversity knocks. But remaining stuck or feeling sorry for yourself is not an option. These misfortunes or difficulties can originate from bosses, co-workers, and customers because no one likes change. Some feel threatened by it and will sabotage or block your efforts. Or, it … Read more