Hire Amazing Employees – Second Edition

Hire Amazing Employees, Second Edition
Improve Your Profits (and Your Work Life)


Hire Amazing Employees


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Do you know how to attract top talent?

Where do you find these top performers?

How can you be sure this amazing person fits the job?

Companies are hiring again! Unfortunately, we have entered into the “Talent Wars” era. U.S. employers are already experiencing difficulties finding candidates with required technology and engineering skills, while employers in Asia are having difficulty finding executives who can lead. It’s only a matter of time before more companies must seriously review their hiring practices. By then, it may be too late!

The challenge? Annually, employers spend thousands of dollars by hiring the wrong person for just a couple of hours! Worse, they stand to lose millions when “bad hires” are unwilling or incapable of doing the job and cause valuable clients or top performers to walk.

The key? Collect objective, reliable and valid data to improve your decision-making process. It’s a must, not a luxury. Hire Amazing Employees, Second Edition again shares how to setup a strategic hiring system and use all the tools legally available to collect the information required to hire right the first time.

Whether you’re an emerging success story or building a multi-million dollar corporation, Hire Amazing Employees will positively impact your bottom line. Your enterprise is only as good as your employees!


Jeannette Seibly has delivered straight talk with immediate results to business owners and executives of $1MM to $30MM enterprises for the past 20 years, achieving dynamic results. Along the way, she created three millionaires.

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