Hiring Amazing Employees – First Edition

Hiring Amazing Employees
Are you looking for ways to hire the right employee for your company? This book will help you in the process of hiring amazing employees.  Purchase and download your copy today for only $2.97!
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Hiring Amazing Employees - Book

See what others have to say:

“We have this book posted on our company intranet to ensure our hiring managers are prepared. It’s been an invaluable resource.”

DC, Human Resources Director, real estate management

“Jeannette has a wealth of experience and packs it into ‘Hiring Amazing Employees’ from cover to cover. I found it useful when hiring.”

BS, custom wine expert

“I’ve been frustrated by hiring employees countless times in my 28-year career. But after reading this book, I feel empowered! I’ve never seen a better, more comprehensive plan for achieving success through hiring the right person for the right job.”

JH, CEO, technology industry

“You’ll save thousands of dollars in training costs and embarrassing phone calls to customers if you read this book before hiring anybody. In addition to saving time and money, it may even save your job!”

Russ Riendeau, author of Finders Keepers: Attracting & Retaining Top Sales Professionals