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Are you a bad manager?
(and how to get on track to be a leader)

Although bad bosses, leaders, or upwardly mobile professionals may not realize their management behaviors and attitudes get in the way of their businesses’ results, most of their employees are well aware that they do.

Jeannette Seibly
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  As a boss:

  • Do you gauge the success of your day by the number of fires to be put out?
  • Are you losing sleep worrying about what your employees and clients will do next to make your job more difficult?
  • Do you wish your employees would speak up when there is a problem and be more proactive in offering solutions?
  • Are you frustrated by the poor quality of work and low output by some employees?
  • Do you experience anxiety and worry on a daily basis and wish for a less stressful job?


Coaching ReportMost business professionals share these or other frustrations, and question their ability to make a positive impact on others and the bottom line. How can you improve your management style? Make better decisions? Hire top talent? Achieve a positive ROI?

I would like to invite you to download my coaching report Are you a bad manager? (and how to get on track to be a leader)

This two-page report provides you with a quiz to help you determine your success as a manager. I’ve coached hundreds of business owners, executives, and C-Suite bosses (along the way, I created three millionaires). Although there is not a black-and-white answer when managing people, resources, and profits, awareness of your strengths and weaknesses as a manager will make you a better one. In addition, hiring a business advisor to talk through those ongoing challenges is a wise investment.

What others have said:

“I look forward to receiving your informational insights, no matter where I am, they make me feel grounded, connected and inspired!” – Jan Colthorp, Business Owner

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