PXT Select Assessment

This Leadership Report reveals your inherent:

Thinking style (how you process information for problem-solving, communication, and learning).
Core behavior (your tendencies and preferences for getting things done).
Occupational interests (your enjoyment in getting things done).

  1. Once you’ve paid, you will receive a URL to complete the Self-Registration for the PXT Select (PXTS) assessment.
  2. Complete your online PXTS assessment. Plan on 45 to 60 minutes.
  3. For security, you’ll receive your PXTS Leadership Report within 24 to 48 hours from JLSeibly@gmail.com (remember to check your spam folder).
  4. Schedule time to talk with Jeannette Seibly. We’ll review your results and deep dive into getting your questions answered (60 minutes).
  5. Complete your 1:1 coaching review within 10 days after receiving your PXTS Leadership Report.
    (Note: There is no partial refund for not meeting 1:1 to review your PXTS Leadership Report.)