The Right Inner Talk Expedites Results

Do you want to successfully achieve intended results? Are you willing to do what you don’t want to do and don’t like to do, and stop complaining about it? If yes, understand that results require practice and developing a discipline by following focused action steps. Hire a business advisor, coach, or other professional to help you along the way.

A coach has you do what you don’t want to do so you can achieve what you’ve always wanted.

What is the key ingredient often overlooked?  The right inner talk expedites results. Your self-talk guides you toward achieving your goals. It’s your inner core and determination that keep you moving forward day after day, week after week. Pay attention to the words you use to communicate your concerns or fears. They are usually the insight needed to blast through any inevitable wall. But don’t fall into the trap of falsely believing recitation of the right words is the sole answer. You need to believe in them while you are doing the work!

©Jeannette L. Seibly, 2013

It Starts with Small Steps

Achieving any new result in life or building upon success, requires starting with small steps at first. Just as a baby first starting to walk, you may be hesitant in the beginning. As babies become less wobbly and gain confidence, they take more steps and they walk. Then, they are walking all over the place due to this new-found freedom.  They have built a new habit.

As adults, we too often attempt to go for the big win and are unable to sustain the required activity. Or we falsely believe the systems we’ve built for our first victory will work on our next one. Or we’re waiting for people and things to align; but, there is always something missing. Or we start with the wrong questions and can’t seem to find the right answers!

To get started:

Brainstorm for Clarity. If you start with the big questions (e.g., How can we make a million dollars this year?) most employees and even executives shut down their thinking.  Or they base their remarks on something that worked elsewhere. Instead, ask simpler questions that most people can answer, (e.g., “What’s one step we can take to improve our customer relationships?”). Listen to all suggestions. Pick only one to focus on at a time. When you ask the simplest questions to get started, people will be able to answer them.

Build on Focused Action Steps. Same principle. What’s one small step I can take today that will move me closer to my results? Keep it simple and smart! Instead of saying, “I’ll make ten calls today,” and fail to pick up the phone. Say, “I will have one conversation today for new business.” This may mean picking up the phone or attending a networking meeting.  This will help recondition your brain to create a new success-habit to build upon. If the step fails to produce a consistent result, simply make it a simpler step!  The key? Break down the step until it’s doable each and every day! This will allow your brain to support the actions you needed to build the results.

Hire a business advisor. In today’s market everyone is looking for “free” or attempting to be “lone-rangers.” This attitude alone will hinder your business results. There are four and one-half months left in 2011 to achieve this year’s goals. Hire an advisor to help you reinforce the steps needed to achieve the results you desire. Let’s get busy and make this the best year yet!

©Jeannette Seibly, 2011