Are You Unhappy with Your Business
Because You Have to Sell?

Many non-sales people hate selling. They’d rather hang out at the dentist’s office! I designed this program based on years of experience and guiding others to improve their sales results. It focuses on working through the fear of selling and developing the confidence to sell in a way that works for you.

Will you learn to love selling by participating in this workshop? Probably not. But your bank account will be happier, and you’ll enjoy success! And along the way, you will gain confidence to sell your products, services, book, and ideas.

How Can You Do What You Love to Do and Sell with Confidence When You Hate Selling?

Let’s be honest. Many coaches, authors, virtual assistants, consultants, solopreneurs, gig workers, and others in non-sales positions love what they do. But because they must sell, they are unhappy, don’t feel appreciated, and need to consider getting a “real job” (aka a biweekly or monthly paycheck).

In other words, they hate selling.

One of their biggest fears is that others will think poorly of them for being a “lowly” salesperson. But the truth is that many salespeople that fit their jobs make a great living. Their friends and family think highly of them. And they love doing it.

“If you cannot sell yourself, you cannot sell your
products, services, books, or ideas either.”

Traditional selling can be difficult if …

  • You are not a natural salesperson (and most people are not).
  • You hate selling as a profession (and most people do).

It’s time to learn the secrets of selling for non-sales people.



Example #1: Many authors love writing their books. But the success of any book requires selling the book. It is why authors pray and hope a big-name publishing company buys and sells their books for them. But it rarely happens without selling yourself first.

Why don’t these strategies work?

  • The author has to sell themselves and the book to the publisher. Not the other way around.
  • Publishers look at how well the book is already selling. And, if it’s not, they pass.

Example #2:
Many people gravitate towards being independent business professionals in insurance, real estate, and coaching. They see others make a lot of money and be their own boss. The major challenge? While they love the profession, they hate selling themselves to attract customers or clients.

Why mimicking others can hurt your sales:

  • Using a standard company “elevator” pitch turns many people off
  • Your dislike (yes, hate) of selling, comes across in your introductions
  • Traditional sales training makes little difference if you’re not willing to develop the skills

Learning to sell doesn’t mean you have to trudge along, hoping for the best. However, it does require learning how to sell yourself and your products/services/books/ideas even though you do not want to become a salesperson. Believe it or not, selling can be fun and rewarding … and you might become one of those salespeople you detest.


My promise is that you’ll learn how to make selling easier.
(You might even learn to love it!)
The training can immediately improve your ability
to sell to new clients or upsell to current customers.


What you’ll learn how to do in this interactive workshop:

  1. Brag to sell yourself
  2. Develop “brag” statements to sell your products, services, books, and/or ideas
  3. Develop a confidence and competence when talking with different people
  4. Learn three sales secrets that make a positive difference
  5. Blast through the greatest fear in sales: The Ask



  • In this introductory program, you will receive two 90-minute workshops and two 1:1 check-ins.
  • Workshop dates are: Tuesday, January 10th and January 24th from 9 AM to 10:30 AM (Mountain Time)
  • All sessions will be done on Zoom. Link will be provided once you’ve registered.
    (Note: These sessions will not be recorded to ensure confidentiality.)
  • You must purchase the book, It’s Time to Brag! Business Edition:
  • The introductory price for this workshop is $97. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT PAYMENT
  • Add to your email or check your SPAM folder once you’ve registered.

Reminder: This program is designed for non-sales people who need to sell (Schedule C tax form filers or 1099 employees). It is not intended for company salespeople or W-2 employees.

Still on the fence? Most people feel stuck or discouraged when putting themselves and their product, services, ideas or books out there. They are afraid to do the “ask.” This new program will help you overcome the fear, stop being passive, and equip you with the steps you need to reach boldly into the world to sell yourself, your products, your books, and more!