Executive Coach

Executive Coach
Straight Talk with Immediate Results

“Jeannette cut through the noise and clutter to guide me towards a focus on what mattered for my law practice and real estate development work. We produced results!”
– DM, Attorney

“You can always expect her to say what needs to be said rather than what she thinks you want to hear!”
– DVB, Executive

“Jeannette quickly sees things others are missing, and delivers critical information in a coaching process that facilitates acceptance, understanding and change. She gets results!”
– JH, Business Owner


Did you know?

  • • Almost 50% of executives fail within the first six months on a new job.
  • • Two out of every five CEOs fail in the first 18 months, according to the Harvard Business Review.
  • • Some corporate bankruptcies reveal CEO failures occur on such a scale as to bring down the   company!
  • • According to the SBA, over 50% of small businesses fail in the first five years.
  • • Many business professionals will have had at least seven jobs during their lifetime.

Many professionals today are stepping forward and moving up into the management ranks of their employers, starting their own business, or joining the C-Suite. It takes courage, commitment and dedication to make it happen. It also takes preparation, understanding more than just business basics, and having the right attitude.


“The higher up the corporate ladder you climb the more your success
relies upon factors you’ve never considered.”

Jeannette Seibly


  • • Learn secrets for professional success that work for you without expense and energy drain – no need   to reinvent the wheel.
  • • Understand how to work with and through others to achieve intended results.
  • • Work smarter, not harder, by eliminating the “try” factor.
  • • Learn the all-important project management skills that can make or break a successful career.
  • • Achieve breakthrough performance in your business or career by building on strengths and managing   weaknesses.

Two “success” stories:

One employee had had several jobs within a short time period before joining employer #4. He quickly found himself in an executive position with no training and little experience. With “the coach,” he turned around the struggling company, created positive financial results, and selected and developed the right people in the right jobs. The company is now positioned for future growth.

One guy hated his job, mostly due to his boss’s poor management style. “The coach” provided him insights to develop the skills required to work well with his boss. As a result, he became well recognized within his company as a leader. His paycheck steadily increased.

These are simply a few great success stories. Would you like to be the next success?

Contact Jeannette for a confidential conversation @ JLSeibly@SeibCo.com or complete our Getting Started Questionnaire.

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