Differentiate yourself for success!

Many leaders within big business are not recognized. Many won’t be until they stand up to be counted for promotions, great assignments and leadership opportunities. The reason why? Inside Fortune 500 companies there are only so many seats available at the executive table. If you want one, you have to grab it!

Here are six ways to differentiate yourself in a positive and powerful manner:

  1. Know thyself. Use a qualified assessment and review it with a business coach. Include a 360-degree feedback system so you know when you have gone off-track. The earlier you really learn about yourself the more success you will enjoy.
  2. Learn how to brag in a business savvy manner. Complete the five simple exercises in “It’s Time to Brag!” http://Time2Brag.com
  3. Work with and through others to get the job done. The lone ranger approach rarely works well in larger companies.
  4. Allow yourself the opportunity to work through mistakes and understand their growth potential. A valuable tool is, “5 Simple Steps to Improve your Results,” http://ow.ly/zoOvu
  5. Select an internal mentor to guide you through company politics.
  6. Hire a business coach to have a confidential source to talk with. A business coach gives you the freedom to not worry about exposing your fears or challenges inside the workplace. http://SeibCo.com/contact

Get started today!

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