Enhance Your Credibility!

It’s easy to get lazy during these last two weeks of the year when everyone seems to be busy. Yet, it’s the perfect time to enhance your credibility as a business professional.  Here are some helpful hints:

Dress well.  Wear appropriate business clothes to meetings and events during this time.  It’s easy to want to wear your jeans or your less professional gear.

Network.  It’s a great time to connect since most people don’t.  Use these last two weeks to meet and thank valuable contacts.  At a minimum, call or email to set up meetings for the beginning of January.

Show up and be seen in the office. Many people will spend the next two weeks cleaning up projects and handling other items found in their in-basket. Spend time doing the same thing yourself.  Answer your phone. Return all calls. You’ll be amazed by your productivity and will feel good about wrapping up fourth quarter 2010.


©Jeannette Seibly, 2010

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