What Do You Need to Do to Be Viewed as a Great Leader?

Being a leader is a big job and can be a hard one too. It’s beyond telling people what to do … it’s being able to take charge, allow others to grow professionally and personally, and help the organization prosper.

We’ve all heard the quote, “Perception is reality.” How your employees view you as a leader will impact your effectiveness. Their opinion of you will determine their willingness to follow you — regardless of your title, job description and other external factors.

How to be viewed as a great leader

Align inner beliefs to help others’ succeed. Your inner beliefs of yourself show outwardly in your leadership style. Focusing on the outer trappings of your job (e.g., title, paycheck, bonus and other perks), will have you perceived as self-serving. Leadership is about being a driving influence and inspiring your team forward to develop individual capabilities and fulfill the company’s values and mission.

Develop an outer-awareness. When others tell you what you want to hear (and, you may not even know they are doing this), it only builds falsehoods. Objectivity is the key to learn what you don’t know that you don’t know. Use qualified assessments to become aware. They provide the most accurate insights into your thinking style, core behaviors, occupational interests and effectiveness. Also, use a qualified 360-degree feedback assessment to refine your leadership strengths and overcome potential challenges.

Be Coachable. Every good athlete and corporate executive has a coach – growth is an ongoing and active process. The all-important question is, are you coachable? Most leaders believe they are, and actually they are not. Test yourself: if your coach said to “jump,” would you argue or ask, “How high?” Simply believing that having more information about things, people and situations will provide you all the answers you need as a leader is a fool’s game! Remember, a great coach will have you achieve your results faster, with greater success. (SeibCo.com/contact)

Improve your decision-making ability. Do you make decisions based on black and white data or by how you are feeling in the moment? Making good decisions requires looking at both sides, asking the right questions and developing win-win outcomes. Take the time to listen and be present in all conversations. (Hint, multi-tasking when someone’s talking with you tells them you don’t really care!) Talk out concerns with your coach for confidential perspectives. Then, take appropriate actions.

Become fearless in the face of conflict. When you attempt to eliminate conflict, fail to address issues or try to ignore festering concerns, you are doomed. The ability to encourage differing opinions and resolve disagreements is the mark of a true leader. Remember, your success will depend upon your ability to encourage respectful discussions, open brainstorming and generation of new solutions.

Being perceived as a great leader is not an easy job – although, it can be a highly rewarding one. Do the work you need, hire a coach and clarify your leadership style now. (SeibCo.com/contact)

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Jeannette Seibly has been a business advisor and facilitator for over 23 years; she guides the creation of new solutions for business challenges and is the author of over 300 articles and 4 published books designed to help business leaders lead successfully. Check out her website: http://SeibCo.com or contact Jeannette at http://SeibCo.com/contact.

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