11 Ways to Prevent Stress from Derailing Your Success

StressFor busy business professionals, stress is unavoidable. It can negatively impact your results, interactions with people, and your ability to make necessary changes in your life. Stress impacts your ability to get things done the right way the first time. (And sometimes, you don’t get a second chance.)

If you are like me (and most people), you have stresses in your life: lack of time, concerns about money, bad habits, difficult situations and circumstances, frustrating employees, bosses, customers and systems. In addition, you might often think: I should have, would have and could have if only I had had the time, money, right employees, nicer customers, etc. (Sound familiar?) Stress can be cyclical, and these seemingly never-ending thoughts only add more stress. To disrupt the stress, you need clarify and take focused action steps to move forward.

11 Ways to De-Stress for Success

Pick one now and do it! It doesn’t matter which one. Just do it!

1.Prioritize. Not everything is a priority. Make a list of everything that you believe needs to be done. Circle the top ten. Now, cut the list down to the top three. Rank them 1, 2, and 3. Do number 1 now. When it’s done, move on to number 2. Now, it’s time for number 3. Celebrate the completion of each task.

2.Let Go. Not everything needs to be done immediately. If you need to file or shred papers, get an oil change for your vehicle, or replace a light bulb, schedule it on your calendar for later in the week. Then, honor that scheduled time.

3.Delegate. Stop being a lone ranger. Yes, your employees will not do things exactly the same way you would. Consider that they might do a better job … if you let them.

4.Do It for 20 minutes. Too often we have dreaded reports or other activities that must be done. Do it for 20 minutes. Then, decide if you wish to spend another 20 minutes or schedule it for later.

5.Excuses Be Gone. Too often, we create excuses about why we haven’t completed something. Stop doing this! This mental energy depletes you. Create a mantra: “I can do this and do it now.” Next, take the first step.

6.Stop Multitasking. Make a commitment to get one thing done at a time. There is satisfaction in fully completing something. While it may seem like multitasking allows you to get more things done, it rarely works that way. For example, attempting to write a report and listen to an employee at the same time only creates more stress … you will miss addressing important points in the report, and your employee will feel unimportant.

7.Walk It Out. Take 10 minutes, three times daily, to simply walk around, go up and down the stairs, or simply move! Remember to breathe!

8.Talk It Out. Turn your internal monologues into dialogues. Get them out of your head. Share your concerns with someone who can actually help you. It may be a good time to find a business coach who can help you stay focused and improve your effectiveness while decreasing your stress.

9.Write It Out. Studies have shown that when people write down their fears, upsets and frustrations, it can be cathartic. Writing helps get bad thoughts out of your head and provides insights. The key is to keep things private and not share your written journal with others. Do not send your upsets in an email or text to your boss, client, employee or co-worker (or post them on social media).

10.Meditate. Take time to simply empty your mind and be silent for several minutes. It can be refreshing. Sit comfortably. Focus on breathing in and out. When thoughts appear—and they will—say, “Noise.” Don’t make these thoughts good or bad. This may be the most effective and most difficult for highly stressed people.

11.Brag. When you learn how to brag, it is a huge confidence booster. Complete your Brag! statements. Keep these up to date and review them anytime stress doesn’t go away or you need a confidence boost.

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