4 Top Attributes of Successful Sales People

Great sales people fit their jobs. They love what they do and they do it well, making a positive difference for their clients and their company.

After talking with several business owners and consultants that manage great sales people, here are the 4 top attributes they mentioned (yes, this is not a scientific study – feel free to add your own top beliefs).

  1. Listen and be present in all conversations. This is one of the most important aspects when selling your products and services. Stop multi-tasking, eliminate distractions and listen. Engage your full attention in the conversation by being present and actively listening. Trust you will know how to respond. Listen to learn and probe for additional information before offering ideas. You will be amazed by what you uncover that can help your current and prospective clients.
  2. Know your products and systems really well. Having an ongoing interest in learning about the products you are selling and how they are processed through your company is critical. Knowing the in’s and out’s help you understand how to get the best deal for your client and keep them. Because you are well aware of the legalities and other nuances of using your products and services, you can ensure your customers are buying the right product to fit their needs cost effectively. Also, this knowledge places you in a better position to facilitate upselling and cross selling of other products.
  3. Have persistence. Not everyone is ready to buy when you’re ready to sell to them. Stay in communication, send them periodic articles or other note-worthy gems is important. Show up at networking meetings and seminars, stay in touch on social media and give at charity events are also important ways to build and maintain a strong network.
  4. Develop great relationships. It’s important that you develop great relationships with your clients by becoming a resource for them to ask their questions and get the right answers. Always follow-up and follow through on what you promise. That is how you build credibility and trust before and after the sale! Learn how to brag about what you’ve done for them in a business-savvy manner – this is particularly important when cost-conscious buyers are looking to stray. (http://Time2Brag.com)

©Jeannette Seibly, 2016

Jeannette Seibly has been a business advisor and facilitator for over 23 years; she guides the creation of new solutions for business challenges and is the author of Hire Amazing Employees (http://BizSavvyHire.com) and It’s Time to Brag! (http://Time2Brag.com). Check out her website: http://SeibCo.com.

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