Are You Inspiring Focused Action for Results?

Many companies have business plans, 3-year goals and other strategic programs written down. As the leader, the challenge is taking them out, dusting them off and getting into focused action. Pronto! You have plenty of time to achieve your 2015 goals, if you start now. Get in communication with your team and inspire them forward for success.

Success requires effective communication

As a leader, it’s your job to communicate the goals of the organization, while ensuring the game plan is being played in alignment with the core values of the company. Consistent and frequent communication is critical to fulfill the goals you want, while getting and keeping everyone on the same page, moving forward together.

5 key questions to ask yourself:

  1. How well do you communicate the current mission and future vision?
  2. Have you put together a strategic blueprint to fulfill the goals?
  3. What focused actions are you and your team taking to fulfill them?
  4. Are those actions achieving the intended results?
  5. If not, have you contacted your business advisor for laser-sharp coaching?

Winning the game requires consistent and frequent communication

Be a parrot! Consistent and frequent repetition reminds you and your team of the purpose and the intended results. This keeps the team focused and on the same page, ensuring buy-in. When team members don’t buy-in they will unconsciously sabotage efforts. Their unwillingness to rock the boat can get in the way of moving forward.

Walk the talk. If you do not have a clear plan and are not equipped to climb that mountain towards the goals, your employees won’t be either. Manage your words and communication efforts to inspire focused-actions. Handle all internal obstacles that get in the way. If you don’t, top talent will leave to showcase their capabilities elsewhere.

Come down to reality. Stop the 3,000-foot helicopter view and get out of the world of “should’s”. Roll up your sleeves and become a resource for brainstorming, problem solving and resolving challenges together with your team. Do not change the goal to accommodate activities – instead help them blast through their fears and move outside of their comfort zones.

Ask for input. Busy work and excuses don’t equal focused action. And, rarely leads to achieving intended results. Don’t just tell people what you expect — ask for their input. Instead of saying “yes” or “no” to their ideas, ask them “how?”

Acknowledgement. Consistent verbal praise is required to transform old thinking styles and habits. The key is to provide acknowledgement of all efforts, no matter how small.

It’s critical that you, as the leader, are communicating to inspire focused action and take responsibility to get, and keep, everyone on the same page. Start now — there’s still time to achieve amazing results in 2015!

Jeannette Seibly is laser sharp at identifying the leverage points that will take a business and its team to the next level of performance and success. Her unique combination of strategic and tactical people and business experiences includes being execution-oriented, customer-focused and business results-focused. She has guided the creation of three millionaires and countless million-dollar results for companies and not-for-profits. She is an innovator who loves producing amazing results with and through others, on time and within budget, as a team.

©Jeannette Seibly, 2015

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