How to Become Unstoppable and Achieve Results

strategic hiringWhenever projects or programs don’t go as planned, we stop. We focus on issues that we believe are in our way. Then, when we don’t uncover those roadblocks, we start blaming ourselves and others. These five often-overlooked areas will help you get back on track to achieve your intended results—and become unstoppable.

5 C’s to Becoming Unstoppable

Commitment. Everyone says they are committed. Yet if you look at their actions, attitudes and behaviors, they rarely hide the truth: They are not committed to results. Commitment starts with being results-oriented and doing the work to get there. Ask yourself: What do I truly want? What does the team want? What’s in the way to fulfill our commitment?

Choice. We often falsely believe that if we had more choices or resources, we could succeed. However, there are many success stories in the news that showcase people who have succeeded without a lot of readily available resources. Set aside your many excuses and get into focused action. Choose to take the initiative. Choose to be resourceful. And, choose to be willing to step outside your comfort zone.

Collaboration. When a project or plan isn’t gaining traction, it might be that team members simply don’t have the interests, skills or willingness to do the work … no matter what they tell you. Actions always speak louder than words. Bring in an outside facilitator to uncover underlying team issues. Use a qualified assessment to help individuals better understand themselves and each other, and what keeps getting in their way.

Communication. Communicating frequently via emails, texts and conference calls is very important.  Without good communication, people will forget their commitment, find distractions to focus on, and attempt to be lone rangers. It’s your job to keep them focused on the project, goal and guidelines, check on progress, and be readily available for questions.

Coaching. How often do you have partner who is 100% committed to your success?  What value do you get from someone who doesn’t allow your doubts and frustrations to get in the way?  When you have a coach, you can share your concerns, come down to reality and get out of your own way. Then, you’ll be unstoppable in achieving unprecedented results.

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