Your Beliefs Determine the Quality of Your Results

BeliefsMany emerging leaders think they know what is required to spearhead larger projects, successful teams and projected outcomes. They trust their knowledge on how to design, develop and execute projects and believe that is all they need for success. However, what you know doesn’t guarantee success. The truth is, your belief in yourself, the team and the project will better determine the quality of your results.

Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

Limiting Belief #1: I Already Know All About Me. We want to believe that others see us the way we see ourselves. This is rarely the case. When you lack awareness of your impact on others or assume you already know what they think, it limits your ability to influence them. If you really want to know how you are perceived (and real leaders do), use qualified assessment tools and an executive coach to uncover your blind spots, release limiting beliefs and help you get out of your own way.

Limiting Belief #2: Failure Is Not an Option. Many of today’s business professionals have been taught to believe there is no such thing as failure! However, being unable to admit mistakes or blaming others when the project doesn’t look like you think it should discourages others from wanting to work with you. Believe in the process by working objectively through the plan’s design, development and execution. Allow yourself and your team to uncover errors, make mistakes and even fail. Remember, this won’t necessarily be fun, but it’s the quickest and the best way to learn.

Limiting Belief #3: All Change Is Good. Change can be great when it’s required – but change for the sake of change doesn’t usually work. Believe in the process of change and don’t shortchange it. Build on others’ ideas, encourage conflicting opinions (yes, I said conflicting) and align on team decisions before proceeding forward.

Limiting Belief #4: I Have the Wrong Team. Did you know that many leaders think they have the wrong team? Get over it! Team members will make or break your success, depending on your belief in them! Put away your laundry list of why they can’t or won’t do the job. Believing and trusting your team members to handle their responsibilities can and does produce unprecedented results.

Limiting Belief #5: Asking for Help Shows Weakness. This limiting belief is deadly. When you can ask for help, you are showing strength. Asking for help and advice from your team members, business advisor and/or boss is the best place to start. Only fools believe they have all the knowledge required.

Breaking free of these limiting beliefs will make a profound difference in the quality of any project’s results.

©Jeannette Seibly, 2017

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