Cocky Leaders Get in the Way of Success

Cocky Leader.3Recently a colleague attempted to work with a vendor who just couldn’t and/or wouldn’t respond in a timely manner. He wouldn’t hear from the vendor for weeks, and then, out of the blue, she would send the information he requested. When he “fired” the potential vendor, she wrote back, saying, “We didn’t need the opportunityour business is doing extremely well!”

Confident leaders inspire others to work smarter, share ideas and successes, and work in a win-win-win manner. They attract like-minded people who want to work with them. Unfortunately, when leaders become overconfident, particularly after a big sale, completion of a project or promotion, they can become cocky. When their egos get in the way, others stop following them. Their influence is diminished and their career or business falters—sometimes for a very long time.

Get Out of Your Own Way for Success

Be Present. Wearing your Bluetooth as jewelry, watching your newsfeed on your cell, or playing games on your electronic gadgets during meetings (either one-on-one or groups) is verboten! Ways to be present: listen to others, encourage the exchange of ideas and incorporate others’ opinions to develop a better product, service, presentation or system.

Inspire. Cocky leaders often feel entitled and allow their egos to get in the way of common courtesies. They fail to inspire others. After a big win and celebration, get back to your everyday work activities as soon as possible! Failing to follow up or follow through on texts, emails and phone calls, or to fulfill promises, will hurt your reputation now and in the future. Enjoy the great feelings of your success now and graciously respond to all acknowledgments.

Be Respectful. Many well-respected business owners, executives, entrepreneurs and presidents of not-for-profits are more humble than egotistical. These leaders learned long ago (and sometimes the hard way) that being cocky could, and often did, come back to haunt them. The key is balancing your ego with being humble and showing respect to one and all.

Have Compassion. Many times up-and-coming leaders do not have compassion for others. Learn to dial up your awareness, compassion and understanding for others and their challenges (we all have them).  Volunteer to work for not-for-profit organizations as a “worker bee” in addition to serving on their boards.

Check Your Ego at the Door. No one is so special that they cannot be replaced! Remember, every business goes through cycles of ups and downs. Keep your teams working with you and for you by sharing the spotlights and successes, and acknowledging their contributions.

Brag! Learn how to share your wins in a business-savvy way. And, teach your team how to do the same. It’s a very important skill that can be developed. Take the time to complete the five amazing steps in It’s Time to Brag! Business Edition.

Be the successful leader others want to follow by developing these skills.

©Jeannette Seibly, 2017

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