Do This Daily to Encourage Success

Cocky LederMany leaders and bosses wait until the end of the year to acknowledge their employees, management team, vendors and customers. However, success is built when you recognize everyone on a daily basis. When you make this a positive habit, you will build a productive team and confident employees every day, and you’ll receive exceptional service from your vendors and encourage customers to stay.

Acknowledge Everyone

One-on-one: Don’t be shy. Tell your co-workers, peers, boss, customers and vendors how much you appreciate them both verbally and in writing. Be specific and positive.

Team: Let everyone on the team know that you’ve appreciated their efforts this year. Successful leaders take time to complete the year by reviewing what worked and what didn’t work, and by acknowledging each and every person’s contributions. Applaud the results they’ve achieved, regardless of the project’s status.

Self: Look in the mirror and tell yourself out loud that you are fabulous, terrific and amazing! (I know, most people will not immediately see the value of positive self-talk … do it anyway!) Also, complete (or update) the five amazing steps to sell yourself – your brag factors! Brag statements can and do improve your success … as reflected in your paycheck, bottom line, business and career opportunities, and business relationships.

Please and thank you: Make it a common practice to acknowledge others each and every day of the year.

I appreciate and acknowledge each and every one of you!

Thank you and Happy Holidays to all!

©Jeannette Seibly, 2017

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