Do You Sound Like a Great Boss?

communication skillsToo often words come out of our mouths that we vowed we would never say. And, to make matters worse, our tone sounds harsh or critical. Believe it or not, as bosses, we often sound like our parents did when growing up. Imagine sounding like our critical parents when we speak to our employees. Yikes!

Stop sounding like a critical parent to your adult employees.

Why is this Important?

Employees leave their employers because of their boss! It’s the #1 reason employees seek other opportunities. They may tell their former employers it’s due to lack of pay, bennies, immediate opportunities and other perks. In truth, it’s actually about lack of respect, tone of voice, words used, promises not kept, and promotions that never happened. Rightly or wrongly, they blame the boss!

Good News – Bad News

First, the Good News. Yes, you can do this! Before receiving that coveted promotion or job (or immediately after), develop the right supervisory communication skills. Becoming a great boss is developed through taking responsibility for your attitudes, beliefs, and communication abilities. It helps you to elicit the best from your employees, boss, vendors and clients!

Second, the Bad News (best to get this out of the way early in the article). You may not have the interest in becoming a great boss. In that case, it won’t matter how much training and development is provided, you will fail to use it! Instead, find other positions without people management responsibilities at the pay scale you desire now. Otherwise, you will eventually find yourself unemployable. (Don’t forget, to excel in most professions, you will still need to develop great communication skills.)

9 Ways to Sound like a Great Boss

1.It’s an Inside Job. It requires being responsible for and setting aside your inner judgments and beliefs of how people should think, act, talk, dress … ad nauseam. Remember, simply using the right words or jargon will not prevent others from “hearing” what you really believe or think about them (think, over 80% of communication is non-verbal)!

2.Influence. Instead of telling others what to do, how to do it, and using a commanding tone of instruction, learn to influence others. Engage them by sharing the bigger picture, and allow them to handle the details without being micro-managed.

3.Listen! Develop a positive attitude and authentic belief that others have great solutions! Listen and learn from others’ ideas, incorporate them, and give each person credit!

4.Treat People Right. Treat people with respect by developing “boss smarts.” Hang around other managers that have a great track record of interacting well with their employees. Take away insights that will work for you and help you respect others. (Hint, understand you will never be just like them!)

5.Understand Your People. Use qualified assessment tools to understand “why” employees do what they do. They provide incredibly accurate insights and turn you into a laser-like coach that your employees value. Understanding your people will have them enjoy coming to work each day!

6.Understand Your Style. Use qualified assessment and 360-degree feedback tools to help understand your style now that you are a manager. Review the feedback with your coach, mentor and employees to uncover actual strengths and weaknesses, and develop methods to help you become a more effective boss. (Most important: never hold their comments against them.)

7.Word Choice. The words and tone of voice of you use tell a much deeper story than you are aware of. Work with an experienced executive coach or licensed therapist to role-play your choice of words in upcoming situations, and how to talk with others when describing challenges and opportunities. Your tone of voice will naturally change as you become a more confident communicator.

8.Journal for Clarity. This is a great way to see, in black and white, your thoughts about people and/or situations. It gives you a chance to work through complex issues in a more objective and helpful manner. Then, shred. NEVER send a letter spewing your upsets no matter how justified you believe you are.

9.Confidence. Often, your inner-most and deepest fear is that you are fraud and everyone is going to find out. To awaken a natural confidence, get the book, It’s Time to Brag! Business Edition, and do the work. Remember, there are no shortcuts!

Being a great boss requires an awareness of how your beliefs, words and tone of voice impact others. Using the above techniques will help you communicate in a manner that elicits the best from your employees and others.

©Jeannette Seibly, 2017

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