Economic Doldrums

Tired of all the political bantering? Has it got you down? Has your business or career been suffering, making it hard to stay in action?

First, ignore dismal news. Many companies and careers are flourishing. Regardless of the economy, take key steps NOW.  Don’t wait until the never-ending political rhetoric has subsided.

Second, complete the following:

Learn to Brag. Take time to conduct an inventory of everything great you’ve done, all the successes your business has experienced. Put this information together into a short (very short!) one to two paragraphs. Share them at networking meetings, elevator introductions and opening remarks at sales meetings.

Show appreciation. Take time to say thank you to all of your employees, customers, vendors and suppliers. Don’t forget business associates who have been helpful. If you can’t afford to take them to lunch, buy them a cup of coffee. Send them a thank you card – hand written is best. If you can swing it, send them a book, or simply provide a gift card. Don’t forget to send hand-written thank you for any gifts you’ve been given. It’s unprofessional to neglect expressing gratitude.

Move forward. It’s time to hire a coach/business mentor to refocus your activities. There are five months left this year! That’s time enough to achieve your goals for 2011! Most professionals who succumb to the doldrums find other things to do to keep their minds occupied … and do not achieve hoped-for results. This is nothing more than creative avoidance!  You are much more likely to succeed if you have someone to help you be accountable for taking the focused action steps necessary. A good coach can also help you find the right short-cuts! A good coach not only inspires action, s/he tells you to “cut it out” when you become unfocused.

©Jeannette Seibly

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