Effective Leadership Does NOT Need to be Stressful

leadership stress3Effective leadership requires we balance everyone’s wants and needs. Working with customers (meeting their deadlines, concerns about quality, and sometimes, unrealistic demands), along with the expectations from your team, boss, and board, can create a lot of pressure to make everyone happy. Effective leadership does not need to be stressful when you manage with clarity.

7 Keys to Reduce Stress and Manage with Clarity

One: Create Clear Expectations. Overpromising rarely works when you are unable to deliver … instead it creates unrealistic expectations. To keep customers happy, and employees happy and productive, when you make promises, honor your commitments and keep them.

Two: Brainstorm! This one word can create a new world of clarity and excitement for your team and customers when managed correctly. Take the time to gather all ideas first … then, delve into the details of how to make one or two of them work.

Three: Establish Realistic Deadlines. Nothing is worse for team morale then “hurry-up and wait” or “pulling all-nighters”. This can usually be avoided when true goals are created, focused action plans are managed and the team is committed in fulfilling the outcome.

Four: Encourage the Team Ongoingly. Being a 30,000-foot-high helicopter boss is rarely an effective leadership style, and will create a lot of stress for everyone. “Roll-up your sleeves” and stay in communication with your team on a consistent basis (e.g., weekly or biweekly meetings, individual reviews, weekly updates, etc.). Never stop managing the team, which includes listening to elicit their best and acknowledging each one for their actions — no matter how small.

Five: Develop a Laser-like Coaching Style. Be open to receiving coaching to uncover your blind spots, along with giving specific hands-on coaching to your team members. Use qualified assessment products to ensure that what you are seeing and what they see can move the team forward and keep you on the same page.

Six: Always Be Listening. Remember to ask, “How I can help you?” Then, listen … follow-through … and listen again. Then, repeat.

Seven: Communicate Frequently. It’s easy for your team to lose sight of the purpose or “Why are we doing this?” while handling everyday tasks. Never stop sharing the vision and reminding each and every person (including yourself) of their value and the importance of their contributions. Remember, attention spans are shrinking so keep your messages frequent, short and on-point.

These 7 keys will increase clarity, reduce stress and improve your effective leadership style.

©Jeannette Seibly, 2017

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