Get Unstuck Now

Are you stuck getting started on a project? Do you find yourself unable or unwilling to proceed with an idea? Or maybe you are ignoring your project since it doesn’t appear to be progressing in the manner you anticipated. The key is to get unstuck sooner rather than later. It may be critical to your career and well-being. The longer you stay in the “stuck” mode, the more issues and limitations have the opportunity to impede your progress (e.g., others may lose interest, costs may increase, opportunities may disappear, etc.) In a work setting, this can hinder your opportunities for promotion, pay increases, etc.

Talk it out. Discuss it with a coach, close friend or boss. Keep the conversation to only a few trusted people. Too many opinions can actually hinder progress. Stick with the numeric metrics of what has been accomplished and what the challenges appear to be when you share your challenges. Listen for a detail you might have missed. Be quick to recognize new methods to work around your other challenges. Select one option and get back in action, now! Thinking about something will only keep you stuck and mire you down, energetically. Remember, excuses are what we make up to justify our limited results.

Walk it out. Keep physically and mentally fit. Doing so will also keep your emotional perspective at a more objective level. During this time, stay focused on the end result. Stay committed to the outcome.  Finger-pointing only keeps you stuck. So don’t justify or blame others, even if they are doing the same.

Write it out. Take time for an objective review. What worked? What did not work? To get the most out of this exercise, use numeric metrics (e.g., increased sales by 10%) and facts (e.g., bank has approved loan for $100,000.) to stay focused on forward movement. Do the same with “What has not worked?” (e.g., client was unable to commit to purchase due to their profits being reduced by 20% this quarter). Take time to journal any personal concerns or issues. Studies have shown that journaling can help resolve pent-up feelings and provide a more positive perspective.

(c)Jeannette Seibly, 2011

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