Happy 25th Business Anniversary!

jls.2011.3Acknowledging everyday successes and milestones are important in life and business! They encourage us to do our best.

On October 7th, I will be celebrating my 25th business anniversary. I couldn’t believe I was actually going to overlook this significant achievement and downplay it. Having written three books on the importance of bragging (“It’s Time to Brag!”), it would have been an epic mistake! (Whew! Thanks to my friend and coach Diane for reminding me to brag. We all need friends like her!)

There are many posts on social media about people not fulfilling their dreams and goals for a variety of reasons. Over 90 percent of businesses fail in their first five years. So, it is important for me to share what I’ve accomplished. You should too. I hope this will be a great reminder for all of us to brag, share and inspire others.

So, here goes!

In 25 years of helping my clients become successful, I have directly worked with over 1,000 business owners, executives, family businesses, boards, entrepreneurs and key employees in many different industries, helping each of them become successful.  There have been times I’ve loved it … and times it’s been a challenge. Fortunately, I’ve only had to fire two clients.

I have been told my trademark is my uncanny ability to help business professionals identify hidden roadblocks and help them blast through those barriers to produce unprecedented results. This creates the possibility for bosses and their teams to effectively communicate with each other, achieve intended goals independently and as a team, and confidently hire the right people for the right jobs. Along the way, I also guided the creation of three millionaires (this was an amazing and unexpected outcome!).

During these past 25 years, I have also fulfilled several dreams and goals:

  • -I’m a published author (with five books and over 400 articles focused on leadership, management and hiring challenges).
  • -I live in sunny Colorado, where I can view the gorgeous Rocky Mountains daily. (A lifelong dream.)
  • -My business has been awarded with high accolades four times.
  • -I’ve created noteworthy events to fulfill a need and celebrate accomplishments (the Job Summit Association and NAWBO Detroit Women Business Owners of Distinction are just two of many).
  • -I’ve advised hundreds of business owners and executives on expanding their definition of “strategy” to fulfill their goals and dreams.

So, what’s next?

My intention is to publish more business books, expand into writing a fiction series and continue to advise top-level bosses on achieving unprecedented results for themselves and their team members. Personally … yes, I have my bucket list, and will continue to knock things off that list.

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