Improve Your Success by Resolving Conflicts Now

delegate2Conflicts aren’t fun for most people. But problems aren’t going to go away if you stick your head in the sand. Conversely, taking the in-your-face combative approach only causes others to take sides, with no resolution in sight. Both cost time, money, hurt feelings and your success as a leader.

Your effectiveness is determined by your ability to listen, build agreement and get the work done with and through others. That’s why it’s important to improve your success by resolving conflicts now.

5 Major Challenges to Overcome

1.Being Righteous and Positional. No one likes to be told they are wrong. Understand there is no one right way to do anything! Did you know there are a 100 different ways to wash dishes? The same is true in business. There are many different methods to get to the best solution.

2. Being Combative. Some people falsely believe standing their ground makes them a better leader. Not always true! Being combative in order to stand your ground does not convey confidence. In fact, just the opposite is true.

3. Believing It Will Take Too Long. Taking 20 minutes now to resolve a conflict will require much less time than continuing a fight or disagreement for days, months or even years!

4. Multitasking. Multitasking in front of others conveys you either don’t believe they are valued team members or shows you have a limited ability to listen and learn! Both are career-limiting.

5. Killing the Messenger. You will miss out on important information if you kill the messenger before letting them say what they have to say. Being impatient with others’ communication styles and making them work too hard will ensure they avoid you.

Resolving Conflicts Powerfully

  • -Listen to others as valuable sources of information.
  • -Hear what is said and not said. (Nonverbal communication accounts for over 80 percent of the message.)
  • -Take turns sharing points of view. Repeat back what was said before offering your opinion.
  • -Consider that others may be right. Be humble, not egotistical.
  • -No one likes to be told they are wrong. Listen as if they are right. (It doesn’t mean you agree 100 percent.)
  • -Be willing to see more than one side and expand your thought process.
  • -Be willing to agree to disagree.
  • -Keep it simple and talk straight. Start with the point, then expand as needed.
  • -Take responsibility for how, when, why and where you communicate your thoughts, opinions, feelings and ideas. (This is critical!)

Listen and learn as though your success depends on resolving conflicts…because it does!

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