Leaders Need to Build Trust to be Successful

Listen.2Many leaders grapple with building trust. Yet, trust is critical in today’s ever-changing workplace. If employees or customers don’t trust you to take care of them, they will leave and find someone who will.

Employees and customers won’t trust you if you:

  • -Are unable to communicate in a positive and caring manner
  • -Find fault with others’ concerns and ideas
  • -Make decisions based on how you feel
  • -Fail to honor your commitments

If you are a leader that fails to consider others, you are training others not to trust you to do the right things the right way.

It’s important to understand that trust begins with you.

Trust starts with an awareness of how you ask questions, make your decisions, and honor your commitments.

Remember, trust is a building process with others that requires your daily attention.

Build Trust Each and Every Day

Be Present. When you multi-task or allow other distractions, you stop being present and hearing what is said. Active listening is crucial toward building trust. The quality of questions you ask and the decisions you make as a result of these interactions will build trust, or diminish it.

Honor Facts and Intuition. Intuition can be wrong due to your biases and other feelings that limit objectivity. But, 100 percent reliance on data can send you down the wrong path too. Remember, 90 percent of the world’s information is not on the internet, but, in people’s heads on how to make things work. Trust the process of building alignment from team members. Listen to a select few business advisors (too many will only create indecision). Yes, the process may take longer, but, trusting the process will save you a lot of time and money in the future.

Integrity. Honoring your word (whether you remember giving it or not) not only allows you to trust yourself it encourages others to trust you too. Be present and actively take part in conversations.  Always take time to complete conversations by asking, “To be sure I’m clear, what do you need for me to do?”

Successful leaders are open to building trust daily. When you practice being present, honoring facts and intuition, and honoring your word, the results will amaze you.

©Jeannette Seibly, 2019

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