Secrets for Positive Change: Speak Up and Be Heard

Listen.2Many leaders and employees today have become overly sensitized to how they talk and respond to others. Due to the fear of saying the wrong things or responding the wrong way, they feel like they are walking on eggshells. This hurts everyone’s ability to speak up and be heard.

To create positive change, people need to responsibly say what needs to be said, address the proverbial elephant in the room and effectively work through differing opinions to reach better solutions.

Communication is, and will continue to be, our number one way of working with and through others to create positive change. It requires everyone to step up, speak up, listen and become a responsible communicator.

8 Secrets to Become a Responsible Communicator

1.Don’t Confuse Fearlessness with Rudeness. It’s rude to bulldoze others by talking over them and failing to listen. Instead, be fearless and responsible for saying what needs to be said in a manner that elicits the best from others.

2.Be Open to Building. Allow others to speak up and be heard. It gives you the opportunity to build on their ideas and encourage them to support the change you are advocating. Remember, you don’t have all the answers.  Ninety percent of the world’s information is in other people’s heads.

3.Words Matter. Remember, your choice of words and phrases reflects your true thoughts, opinions and feelings about an issue. Using words like “can’t,” ”should,” “try” or ”won’t” limits what is possible. Choose your words responsibly.

4.Patience Is Required. Hear what others are saying, regardless of how busy you are. It can eliminate a lot of time resolving hurt feelings or issues that could have been prevented.  Remember, people can be poor communicators, so ask them to show you the problem or draw a picture if you don’t understand their concerns.

5.Willingness Is the Key. When facing challenges or when you are stuck, it’s surprising how your willingness to truly listen can create synergy for positive change.

6.Advocate for Something. While activism will rally people, it usually has little lasting impact when it is against something. Instead, work with your coach to learn the communication skills required to bring people together to advocate for positive outcomes.

7.Handle Trigger Points. It’s important to develop a thick skin that doesn’t make you upset or deter you when others make negative comments. Being and staying offended makes it difficult to bring together the right people and resources.  Also, to avoid triggering others, let them know that what you are about to say may be controversial. That will encourage them to openly listen to your point of view.

8.Embrace Integrity. People have a difficult time listening to you when you are not walking your talk and being transparent. Work with your coach now to embrace these skills. Being aware of how to appropriately handle ethical, fiduciary and legal issues in a responsible manner can allow you to spearhead change.

Positive change requires speaking up and being heard. It starts with being a responsible communicator.

©Jeannette Seibly, 2018

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