How to Simplify the Work Process and Enjoy More Personal Time

KeyFinding time to pursue interests outside of work is important. Keeping your team on track and productive is also important. When you simplify and structure your work process, you and your team will have more time to pursue personal interests. (Also, it makes for happier employees!)

Five Keys to Simplify and Structure

Clarify Goal, Purpose, and Actions. Clarity about the goal and purpose of a project, task, or interaction will speed up achieving the results. Also, don’t forget to include any limitations mandated by the customer or boss. Work with your team to brainstorm a strategy and create a focused-action plan and checklist. Then, manage the team to ensure focused-action is being taken. Quickly address overlooked items and obstacles. Do not procrastinate on this.

Write It Down. Written goals and focused-action plans move ideas out of people’s heads and onto paper. These critical processes will get everyone on the same page and make it easier to see what is missing. It also limits distractions or side activities that detract from achieving the goal. Use a written timeline as a checklist to determine the progress you and your team are making. Writing it down gives you more personal time.

Communication. Communicate with the team on a frequent basis. Use team meetings, 1:1 meetings, emails, and electronic messaging to keep everyone up-to-date. Don’t forget to include brags about each and every team member’s achievements.

Delegate. Know the strengths of each team member, including yours. For example, if someone is great at cost analysis, use him or her to create the ROI. Provide cross-training whenever possible. It builds a resilient team when mistakes or the unexpected happens.

Integrity. The most important key is to do what you say you will do by when you say you will do it. (This sentence is worth reading again!) When something happens that is not in your plan, immediately get in communication to resolve it. Remember, your team is following your lead!

These five keys will not only allow for a high level of productivity, they will also provide you and your team time to pursue personal interests.

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