Stop Entertaining Excuses and Get into Focused Action

imagesRPBZWUCVIt’s only the second week of the new year, and many people are already starting to entertain excuses and negative beliefs about achieving their 2018 goals.


They may have failed to:

  • Complete what happened during 2017
  • Create true goals (that are specific and measurable)
  • Take focused action steps
  • Put aside their feelings of entitlement
  • Get out of their own way

It’s time to exorcise these excuses and set aside the doubt and beliefs that have prevented you from taking focused action steps. Remember, December 31, 2018 will be here in 356 days, and you will want to say, “I did it!”

Excuses Be Gone!

Have You Completed 2017? Completion of 2017 is critical to support achieving your 2018 goals. Write down specifically what worked and what didn’t work last year. While some may fear looking backwards, I promise you, there are wonderful lessons to be learned if you are willing to take the time now. (Remember, you are only getting complete with the past, not pitching a tent there!) Next, acknowledge yourself for every accomplishment in 2017. This creates a strong foundation for overcoming the inevitable excuses and staying in action during 2018.

Are Your Goals Specific and Measurable? Expecting to make a million dollars in three months without a viable system in place is unrealistic and wishful thinking. Create true goals before putting together a focused action plan – goals you will recommit to daily, regardless of how you are feeling. Remember, achieving your goals will take concentrated actions throughout the entire year.

Focused Action Is Required. Creating a million-dollar result may require new clients and/or successfully providing additional services. Creating effective lead generation programs, attending specifically focused networking meetings and conducting laser-like presentations require you to step outside your comfort zone. Hire a coach, and stop believing you have it all handled! (Note: This type of thinking will get in your way!)

Feeling Entitled Stops You from Taking Focused Action. Entitlement is not just a stereotype for millennials – it applies to everyone with a similar outlook. It usually occurs when people expect to succeed quickly, fail to achieve intended results or don’t believe they need to improve their skills! (These attitudes usually signify the person is in the wrong job or career. If you find yourself thinking this way often, now is a great time to review your career choices.) Successful people without an entitlement mentality always take the time to learn the basics about their company’s products and services. Plus, they develop their competencies through diligent practice and mastery.

We All Have Fears. Fear of failure or fear of success won’t move you forward. These pesky fears seem all too real, but they are only your outdated beliefs about yourself getting in the way. To quickly overcome them, create or update your Brag! statements. Now, share them. With this new level of clarity and confidence, you can develop your competencies and attract new opportunities for success.

Now is the time to let go of excuses and get into focused action!

©Jeannette Seibly, 2018

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