Negative Leaders Kill Results

Leaders with bad attitudes fail to deliver consistent results.  They are unable to inspire others or engage others in the company.  It’s one reason for their higher rates of unemployment or unsuccessful business start-ups. When someone views everything as wrong, it’s hard on the psyche of others. The key is authentic and inspirational positivity.  On the flip side, leaders who have positive attitudes set the tone for the entire organization. They create a culture ripe to resolve issues and achieve unprecedented results. Do not confuse this with a Pollyanna approach, where everything is great and there is rampant denial about the importance of unresolved issues.

You are ultimately responsible. Unfortunately, arrogant leaders who believe they are better human beings than their employees, fail to review the details necessary to achieve the results they desire. These leaders do not take responsibility to inspect cause and affect themselves, then have the nerve to blame other team members for their own blunders. This negative behavior can be very costly. Remember – manage each process in a positive, can-do, manner. Don’t micromanage your people or their individual personality traits.

See the possibility. One of the most telling traits of a good leader is people seeking out your counsel. Learn to see the possibility in other’s ideas, even when they are clearly flawed. Help others view their challenges as simply an opportunity to grow – even if they are not coachable. Learn to evaluate these ideas using the 2-2-2 approach: 2 good aspects of the idea, 2 specific areas for improvement, followed by 2 good aspects of the person and/or idea.

Choose to have great days! While everyone occasionally has a bad day, if you have them often, you may be in the wrong position within your company. If prior to this position you were typically a positive person, seek medical help for this negative change. Pursue assistance from a coach or therapist, who can point out negative leadership behaviors and work with you to practice positive approaches. Every result has a front-of-hand / back-of-hand component. One side of your hand shows a negative perspective and the other side shows a positive opportunity – but it’s still the same hand! The point? Your perception!  Your attitude makes all the difference in achieving results. Yes, it is contagious!

360-degree feedback.  It’s important you know how your team rates you as a leader.  Conduct a 360-degree assessment and learn about which critical leadership traits you may possess and which you need to improve. A good assessment will be validated and provide a “how-to-improve” section. Contact author of this article for additional information:


©Jeannette Seibly, 2011