Want to Achieve Faster Results?

Do you …

  • Allow people and circumstances to limit your results?
  • Fail to listen to sage advice because it doesn’t fit your point of view?
  • Accept excuses instead of creating openings for action?

These ineffective management styles will limit your ability to achieve faster results. Your skill in working with people, systems and issues to create win-win outcomes is required for success. Failure to acquire new skills will derail your career!

The world of work is changing. It requires executives, business owners and entrepreneurs to develop a new level of guidance, direction-giving and implementation approaches that work.

Listen for required change. Change for the sake of change can be time consuming and expensive. Mimicking your competition will not guarantee a positive return on investment. It pays for you and your team to listen to the marketplace, while strategically customizing solutions that work for your company and customers!

Stay in focused action. Don’t buy into the common excuse, “I’m too busy.” As the leader, it’s up to you to provide the direction and ensure what needs to be done is accomplished. Get everyone on the same page and guide a clear course of action. It doesn’t work when you change the goal to fit the actions taken. Handle the uncomfortable details and make the hard decisions now, with integrity.

Hire a coach. When you hit a wall, and you will, don’t slug it out alone. A coach helps you recognize your blind spots, and those of your team. These insights, when put into workable action, will elicit the best in others, making them (and you) easier to work with and open to listening to others’ input.Enjoy achieving faster results.

 It can be lonely at the top! An experienced business advisor, always accessible and at a nearby desk can make a positive and powerful difference for you, and your employees. My goal is to be your in-house advisor, your ally and sounding board as you navigate the complex world of your business! (Contact: JLSeibly@SeibCo.com OR 303-917-2993)

©Jeannette Seibly, 2015