New executives are wrongly focused.

Recently I was talking with an executive who was having a difficult time working with another executive inside his company. When I said, “Sounds like she’s in denial,” he responded, “She’s in denial about a lot of things.” Many times new executives are focused on the wrong things. Either the company did not take time to effectively onboard them, or the new hire wasn’t listening and had his or her own agenda.  Making changes and taking unfocused action steps without buy-in from the executive team and employees can get anyone into immediate trouble. The higher up you are on the organizational ladder, the fewer places there are to hide out—the responsibility and accountability solely rests on you.  If you’re one of these struggling leaders, immediately find yourself a mentor and business advisor. It’s important that you quickly rectify bad decisions with guided expertise and correct the old methodology of your work habits.

(c)Jeannette L. Seibly, 2013