Successful Leaders Share the Spotlight

Every generation of leaders likes to believe they invented the newest and most effective way to manage people, build profitable companies, and “build a better mousetrap.”  The reality? We don’t do it alone. The achievements of our businesses, inventions, and other ideas are an outcome of effectively working with and through others to achieve the intended results.

True leaders are humble and take great care of their teams. They set aside their egos, hubris, and other personality impediments to pave the pathway forward to open new doors and achieve their intended results. If they’ve made a lot of money, they share it appropriately. If they created a lot of press, they generously brag about others’ contributions. (

Why are these traits important?

  1. When you understand that your success stands on the shoulders of your mentors, Board of Directors, business advisors, bosses, and team members, you become humble knowing you didn’t go it alone. This awareness makes it easier for others to want to work with you and share their knowledge and experiences, since it’s not all about you.
  2. It’s never solely your idea or creativity that makes the system or product work. Sharing the credit works wonders for current and future undertakings. Asking the right questions, listening and building upon ideas, and making available (or creating) the required resources are key traits of leaders. They ensure others stick with you during the design, launch, and refinement processes of your projects. Also, they are less likely to bolt when things may not go well.
  3. Documentation of your process, including charts and graphs, helps others visually understand the progress. They can then see potential glitches and possible solutions, and not rely on any overly optimistic feelings of triumph you might have. Documentation also provides a foundation for you, and them, to build on for the next venture.

Remember, share the spotlight. That will help you build on previous successes and learn from past failures to create the next victory.


©Jeannette L. Seibly, 2013-2015

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