There are Always Choices to be Made

Many times, we don’t feel like we have choices when things happen (as they inevitably will in life and in business). This belief is based on an expectation of how things should be. When things don’t go our way, we feel we don’t have a choice or other options. The truth is, there are always choices to be made – it requires getting out of the “I don’t have a choice” or victim mentality, and into being a responsible business owner, executive, entrepreneur and/or business leader.

A business owner was upset that one of his employees wasn’t doing the job the way he wanted to have it done. He had hired based upon his gut and the employee’s previous work experience, and failed to objectively determine job fit within his company’s culture. He believed he only had three options: fire, overlook the issue or attempt more training. Before calling his attorney, he called his business advisor, who recommended using a qualified assessment to objectively see what the real issues were. The results were insightful and he saw that the employee didn’t have the interest to do the job, and the core behaviors to do it the way the owner wanted to have it done. The business advisor next recommended rewriting the job description to focus on the person’s strengths instead of firing! Now, the business owner chooses to use qualified assessments to hire the right person the first time – saving time, money and sleepless nights!

Assess Your Choices

Believe. Adjust your mindset. There are alternatives. This is a must. If you think you can make a different choice, you can. Remember, the choice you make may not be the easiest path for you since it may require selecting different options that don’t meet your initial perception of how it should be.

Brainstorm. Consciously take time to brainstorm, in writing, at least five options. Better yet, brainstorm with your team. Select two viable options. Remember, one option may be to choose to do nothing – in the past this usually has been a default rather than a conscious decision.

Does it work? Now, drill down into each option for workability. (Include the “do nothing” option, if it’s one of the two selected.) Research and determine whether or not each choice will support the vision of your company and ROI, while creating win-win-win outcomes for customers, team members, and vendors. Select one option and put together a focused action plan. Now, move forward quickly to execute before someone gets cold feet. (Note, making choices outside the team’s comfort zone will usually create fear of the unknown. Stay in communication with your team to keep them on the same page.)

Implement. Execution of an idea or plan is never without setbacks. Instead of lamenting it was the wrong choice when a roadblock occurs, complete the “What worked?/What didn’t work?” exercise. (5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Results, ) This will help you to determine any new opportunities or pathways to success, or a different resolution for an ongoing issue.

Celebrate. Learn to celebrate the small as well as the bigger choices you make. This builds morale and creates a culture of success-focused ideas and actions.

Remember, life is a journey of choices. Learn how to use them to build on your business success in a positive and proactive manner.

©Jeannette Seibly, 2016

Jeannette Seibly has been helping leaders uncover choices that make positive and powerful differences for over 23 years. As an international business advisor, executive coach and management consultant, she guided the creation of three millionaires and million-dollar results for over 25 companies. Contact her for a free, confidential conversation on how to get the results you want:

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