Want to be a Leader of Excellence?

Many executives and key business professionals have the goal of becoming leaders in their companies and on their management teams. Some want to be considered thought-leaders in their industries. Yet, many fall short. They settle for mediocrity. They fail to develop the characteristics crucial to giving them and their company the competitive edge required for excellence.

            Remember, leaders are created by going the extra mile, doing the work beyond the norm,

and believing in themselves and others!

They are visionaries. They push past the normal paralysis of inaction and fear that many people and companies experience. They ask questions that elicit others’ input, and listen: What is possible? Why do we need to do it? When can we get it done? Who do we need on the team?

They are resourceful. Leaders of excellence have a mindset that recognizes problems and obstacles, but do not allow themselves to be limited by them. They believe there isn’t a problem that can’t be resolved using initiative and ingenuity. They formulate ideas and know how to enroll others into creating and executing solutions to make the intended results happen.

They are driven to excel. While many companies rely upon incremental steps to achieve goals, great leaders look beyond 100% success. They create goals to achieve what may initially seem impossible. They hire the right business advisors, coaches and trainers to support them and their people to succeed.

They build the best teams. Hiring the right people for their teams is their #1 goal. Then, managing them to be great contributors is their main focus. They are clear about the key characteristics and skill sets required. They use qualified assessments to see the whole person and coach with laser-like effectiveness.

They believe in themselves. Leaders of excellence take the time to talk and write out their goals and opportunities. And, even more importantly, they get complete with their failures. (Contact me if you want to know more about this critical step. SeibCo.com/contact) Utilizing their coach, they strive to be better each day. They know … success is an inside job!

©Jeannette L. Seibly, 2015

Jeannette Seibly has been a business advisor and facilitator for over 23 years; she guides the creation of new solutions for business challenges and is the author of over 300 articles and 4 published books designed to help business leaders lead from excellence.  Check out her website: http://SeibCo.com or contact Jeannette at http://SeibCo.com/contact.

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