Are you career ready for sky-high success?

Working smart today does not require climbing up the rungs on the traditional career ladder — working hard, long hours and patiently biding your time until an opportunity occurs. Instead it requires career readiness, job fit and focused action to achieve sky-high success, while developing the career muscles required physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally to support your ascent. Attempting to ascend before you’re ready can cause a descent that hinders your future.

9 career fitness work-outs to move upward

Develop the muscles for:

  • Excellence. Accepting mediocrity is a cop-out. We’ve all heard about the 10,000 hours required to become a master. It’s simple. Take the time to learn your job and delve into the details to build mental readiness. You will become recognized as an expert in your profession – now the career fun begins.
  • Building job depth and breadth by learning the different facets of your job. This will build natural credibility, new opportunities, fun and financial rewards.
  • Eliciting the best from others … whether it is your boss, client, co-worker or vendor!
  • Designing, planning and executing programs and plans. This is where many professionals fail. This requires managing a dual focus: developing the individuals on your team while superbly handling technical and others issues (e.g., budget, time, legal, systems, etc.) that arise.
  • Handling success and failure! Everyone naturally wants to be successful. However, the secret to building inner strength as a leader is to deal with failure and turn it around. This develops emotional and spiritual readiness. The process helps you handle, and not shy away from, the tougher issues, the mark of a durable leader.
  • Strong verbal and non-verbal communication skills. These are required to express yourself, while helping and supporting others to do the same.
  • Listening to learn your occupation, company and industry.
  • Bridging the gaps by taking time to listen to others’ ideas and construct win-win pathways to turn ideas into solutions.
  • Helping others succeed. This helps you build your own success. Remember, givers get. Having a sole focus on yourself will hinder your upward progression towards sky-high success.

Last, but not least, remember, every up-and-coming person has a coach. Hire one today. This will provide you the ability to ascend upward at a pace that works best for you.

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Jeannette Seibly is an award-winning and internationally recognized business advisor. For the past 23 years, she has helped thousands of people work smarter, enjoy financial freedom, and realize their dreams now.  She has an uncanny ability to help her clients identify roadblocks, and help them focus to quickly produce unprecedented results.  Each client brings their own unique challenges, and her gift is helping each one create their success in their own unique way. Along the way, with her commitment, she helped create three millionaires.

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