Want to Be Successful? Be Coachable.

coachable3“A coach has you do what you don’t want to do so you can be successful!” Jeannette Seibly

Most people want to be successful in their careers, jobs and companies. Those who have risen quickly hired a coach, either on their own or else their company provided one for them. However, having a coach and being coachable are not the same thing. Successful key employees, leaders and executives know the difference: If the coach asks you to jump, you ask, “How high?” Uncoachable people debate and share all the reasons why the coach’s recommendation shouldn’t, wouldn’t or couldn’t work. Learning how to overcome this resistance and become coachable will uncover your blind spots and expand your leadership, communication and project management skills successfully.

A director hated his boss, a VP. When the coach asked the director to have a conversation with the VP, he resisted, using the excuse “Everyone else hates the VP since he is difficult to work with.” Under the guidance of his coach, the director had a conversation to clear the air with the VP and started treating his boss with more respect. Very quickly, he became viewed as one of very few people who could work well with this VP. Others began to come to him for guidance. The president of the company saw this new and profound difference and, as a result of the director being coachable, offered him a lucrative opportunity.

How to Be Coachable

Note: For the best results, hire a coach to tackle a large project or goal that is beyond the norm for you. Also, rely on your boss and internal company mentor for additional insights. Use a qualified assessment to ensure your boss, mentor and coach see who you really are and not only how you wish to be seen. Why is this important? You cannot build a solid foundation of success based on false data and perceptions!

Overcome Fear. In general, we tend to be afraid of other people and what they think of us. One of the top fears is feeling humiliated. These are difficult blind spots to see! As a leader, it’s important to learn how to work through the internal mental chatter of thoughts and feelings that egg on our fears.

Listen to Learn. Many key employees who want to move up in their careers fail to truly listen. Most successful leaders and executives will tell you that listening and being present in conversations, no matter how boring, make the ultimate difference. It is important to listen to your coach’s advice and hear the feedback from your boss, co-workers and employees. This is a great opportunity to use a qualified 360-degree feedback assessment. The objective information it gives you will help clarify and fine-tune the skills required for your success.

Develop Mastery. Many busy professionals today fail to learn the basics. They falsely believe they can build on what they know about a product or resolve a difficult situation with little experience. Mastery requires diligent practice in developing the right habits in how you treat others, handle good and bad situations, and move forward with new opportunities. It takes time! The quality of your practice will determine your success now and in the future.

Take Advantage of Your Coaching Resources

Select an Internal Mentor. Select someone who has a pulse on the inner company politics and has industry experience. He or she will know how to navigate around challenges to help you get the job done, build a positive reputation and develop a solid network.

Hire an External Coach. An external coach can tell you what you need to hear and maintain confidentiality so that any information you share won’t come back to haunt you in the future. Select a coach who has worked in corporate America, successfully moved up career ladder(s) and has achieved great results. Beware of those who are “certified” without qualified experience in the workplace.

Treat Your Boss as a Valuable Resource. Even if you have a bad boss, you can still learn from him or her. Regardless of your point of view about the boss, find ways to interact in a positive manner—it will build your success! If your boss does not enjoy coaching or does not have the skills to do it, recommend using a qualified assessment that provides managerial-employee and coaching reports. This is a win-win for both of you!

Remember, being coachable is critical key to becoming successful! Why wait … get started today!

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