What Changes Do I Need to Make to Achieve Results?

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“We are biologically wired to resist change … it’s why change fails.”

—Dr. Britt Andreatta, author of Wired to Resist


Many of us have heard or used the phrase “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” Yet most of us rely on the same process when creating a new product, service, program, business plan or book—whether or not we’re happy with the results. Then, when we’re unhappy, we blame situations outside ourselves for failures or less-than-adequate results. Whether we realize it or not, we are continually resisting change and operating with our familiar way of doing things.

A group of employees were in charge of an upcoming company event. While they all said they wanted something new and different, they resisted making the required changes. They allowed their mindset to pull them back into their comfort zone. Creating new ideas requires changing how the group normally operates. It takes courage to push beyond the first idea everyone likes and keep everyone focused on future results.

Transforming Our Relationship with Change

Be Present. Many people are not conscious of what they are doing, saying or thinking. It feels safer to keep doing what will create known results, even when there is a need or desire for different outcomes. Stepping into the unknown creates new opportunities. To take that step, we must become conscious of and acknowledge the truth. For example, upgrading an entrepreneur’s accounting system from a shoebox to QuickBooks can evoke fear. This change forces the entrepreneur to see the facts in black and white! (This can be a good thing, or not.) However, the new awareness creates new opportunities: the ability to apply for a loan, determine profitability to help win contracts, and reduce unnecessary expenses.

Expand Comfort Zones.  We often resist doing anything outside our comfort zones, since our brains are wired to keep us safe. Yet outside the comfort zone is where unprecedented results can occur. To rewire and reinforce new habits, make one change a day. For example, take a different route to work, try out different types of coffees, say “Hi!” to everyone in the office, etc. These new actions will push the raw edges of one’s comfort zone.

Take Focused Actions. Achieving better results requires focused actions beyond what we are comfortable doing or thinking. Unfortunately, if we don’t enjoy the process or we don’t believe there is an immediate reward, we resist or give up. Conscious expansion is required. One recommendation is to talk with someone who has achieved the same results. Ask the question “What was one thing you did that helped you achieve your results?” Listen and learn. Before taking action, modify what you will be doing. Remember, just because it worked for them does not mean it will work for everyone. Each person has different thinking styles, core behaviors and occupational interests. Talking with a business coach will create customized actions and more powerful results.

Celebrate Each Change. While people can welcome change, or they can fear taking unfamiliar actions, everyone can benefit from making the right changes for themselves. Celebration or acknowledgment of what you have done reinforces positive experiences and a positive inner voice. One great habit is to take a quick inventory of the successes you experience each day and write them down.

Change is not easy or hard. Real change depends on your ability to make the right choices to expand your comfort zone and achieve the intended results.

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