You Are Your Most Powerful Message

CommunicationA new commercial Realtor wanted to become very successful. He asked his managing broker what the one secret was that would help him become wealthy. She replied, “Be present.” With that secret, he learned how to listen and worked on clarifying the messages he conveyed verbally and non-verbally to others. As a result, he became one of the top commercial Realtors nationwide.

Presenting yourself in a powerful manner becomes more important as you climb the corporate ladder or advance in your profession. Gone are the days of hiding behind your technological or financial knowledge.

You are your most powerful message. It’s easy to forget that we are constantly communicating with others through what we say, how we say it and when we say it—whether we realize it or not. Today, you need a business-savvy manner to be able to work, communicate and socialize well with others.

6 Ways Your Message Defines You

Your Attitude. Do you convey a can-do attitude? Or is it a negative, cynical view of situations, projects and team members? Your inner views about life, people and opportunities show on the outside (you can’t hide them). Your hidden attitudes can be transformed by unravelling past experiences that unconsciously shape who you are today and get in the way of who you want to become.

Your Awareness. Being aware is very important. Put away your electronic gadgets during all meetings and interactions. Be present for the other person, what you are working on and what is going on around you. This mindfulness will speak volumes when you hear and address items that you otherwise would have missed or overlooked.

Your Appearance. Fashion changes quickly and is often determined by geography. However, business attire always needs to be clean, neat and appropriate for the specific location. Don’t forget your nails, shoes, hair, makeup and jewelry. Get professional advice on how to best express yourself. This alone can make a difference in the type of career opportunities and financial rewards you will receive.

Your Non-Verbal Gestures. 80 percent or more of what people hear comes from non-verbal gestures rather than the words that are spoken.

  • Do you speak, stand or sit with confidence? (See It’s Time to Brag! Business Edition.)
  • Are your gestures welcoming or off-putting?
  • Do you know how to make appropriate eye contact?
  • Do you know how to shake hands when introducing yourself?

These skills are not as common as they should be. Work with an executive coach to become aware of your blind spots.

Your Choice of Words. Become aware of the words you use when engaging your audience. Always avoid jargon. This awareness will provide you a powerful ability to interact with anyone, anywhere at any time.

Your Ability to Listen. Listening requires more than just hearing words. You must use persuasive listening skills to interact with others and elicit the best from them. For example, do you acknowledge what others are saying in a positive manner or do you diminish their comments? Are you able to build on others’ ideas to create a win-win-win outcome? Truly listening is the most important skill you will ever learn.

You are your most important message … communicate it well!

©Jeannette Seibly, 2017

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