2017 Goals – Has Your Motivation Already Disappeared?

When unforeseen work challenges take priority, personal issues need to be handled or the boss kyboshed the resources, it’s common for people to lose their motivation and become overwhelmed with all there is to do. Although, we are only a couple of weeks into the year, this is NOT the time to ignore your 2017 goals. This IS the time to get in action.

Last week we addressed the basics of goal-setting and focused-action plans, 2017 – Will it Be Different This Year? This week we will delve into the first 3 of the 9 hidden truths outlined in the original article, Your 2017 Goals are Meant to be Achieved.

Get in Action!

Motivate. What’s your motivation to complete your goals? (Is it your own goal? Is it a goal given to you by your boss that you really don’t want to do? Is it overwhelming?) Initially, you were excited and enthusiast about reaching your goal and attaining the outcome. Now, there is probably some hesitation, or the goals have been placed on the backburner. Take a moment and visualize the end result. Create a visual picture and motivational quotes to share with the team. Stay in communication with each other and talk out any concerns. Remember the old quote, “Where there is a will, there is a way!” When the internal chatter begins, don’t buy into it! In my newest book, It’s Time to Brag! Business Edition, Chapter 14, there are easy exercises for you and your team to use that will you keep in action. Take one step at a time. You will get there!

Pursue. Most plans do not work out as originally written or designed without some deviation along the way. And, while every group has its nay-sayer, some are more covert than others. Get them talking out loud and upfront. While people may love playing devil’s advocate, they need to be part of the solution and help solidify the best course of action. Remember, there will be natural disappointments, mistakes and failures along the way. Instead of blaming each other or the economy or your boss, stop pointing fingers and take the time to  objectively review “what worked?” and “what didn’t work?” (See, 5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Results) Now, and only now, it’s time to brainstorm new solutions to the obstacle(s). Create a checklist and deadlines for what needs to be done. Don’t forget to complete all steps you have previously overlooked.

Trust.  It takes time to develop trust, particularly, with a new team. By staying focused on creating solutions and working out issues along the way, trust is developed. Building trust rarely happens when someone is sniping or attempting to play therapist! There will be times that action steps and outcomes just don’t look right, and intended results are not happening. Talk it out with your team by using the “what worked?” and “what didn’t work?” process (See, 5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Results). To get back on track, delegate to each person’s strengths and take baby steps. It’s important to repeat, trust is developed over time and by how well the team handles its challenges, regardless of how many setbacks you have.

Your 2017 goals are meant to be achieved! Pay attention to the motivation for the goal, understand there will be challenges, and learn to trust the process and each other along the way — these will keep everyone moving forward. Remember, there are no shortcuts!

Next week, stay tune for the next 3 hidden truths that are often overlooked.

©Jeannette Seibly, 2017

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