Are You Organized for Success in 2017?

sample-3Too often we are not organized for success when we create goals and focused-action plans. We fail to take into account our interactions with others, our current habits and our ability to see beyond what we believe to be true. It’s common for people to be unaware of the attitudes and behaviors that stop them from making progress. This week we are going to blast past the hidden walls that stop us, and move forward.

Last week we addressed the first three hidden truths for why we’re stopped, 2017 Goals – Has Your Motivation Already Disappeared? This week we will delve into the next 3 of the 9 hidden truths to keep you moving forward, refer to, Your 2017 Goals are Meant to be Achieved.

Get Real!

Forgive. Forgiveness is for you, not them. It gets you back in action and moving forward again. The first step is to set aside your mental monologue and forgive yourself for what you said you would do and haven’t done, and things you’ve said and didn’t mean. Second, clean up any misunderstandings directly with the person, team or boss. Remember, your perceptions about them aren’t always right. Attempting to be a mind-reader rarely works about why they did what they did or said what they said. Now you’re ready to take the next focused-action step. By having cleared the disabling little voice in your head and resolved what needs to be done, you’ll be amazed by your renewed energy and your results from these efforts!

Get a Coach. It’s a fact that successful people hire coaches! (Think, Michael Jordan) However, many people are uncoachable; and, as a result, too many fail simply because they refuse to be told what to do! This “you can’t tell me what to do” filter that they listen through has caused many unnecessary project failures, business closings, lost sales, bankruptcies, and other business challenges. When you find yourself falling into this trap of “I already know that”, or “I’ve already done that” STOP! Creating solutions with the same attitude that created the problem will provide no new results! Instead, listen! Ask questions for clarification. New ideas (usually previously unimaginable) will percolate now since you are no longer being resistant! Update your focused-action plan after reviewing with your coach to ensure you and the team didn’t inadvertently create a bright shiny object that will distract everyone! Don’t change the goal! (For a strategic and confidential conversation, contact Jeannette Seibly.)

Organize. Your personal habits will impact your ability to organize your work space and manage the team’s activities effectively. Poor habits will impede achieving your intended results! Several poor habits are failing to: follow-up and follow-through on items that need to be done; manage the team’s results in a way they find value; schedule time to have conversations that make a positive difference; and conduct effective meetings where everyone is heard (to name a few). If you find yourself (or your team) putting off doing what needs to be done, schedule 20 minutes of uninterrupted focused action and see how much progress is made! The key is, focus, organize and take the right steps by scheduling work activities, conversations and consistent reviews with the team and, ever more importantly, honor them.

Next week, stay tune for the last 3 hidden truths that are often overlooked.

©Jeannette Seibly, 2017

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