Are you hanging on to things that need to be done?

The holidays can create a lot of stress with so many things needing to be done.

Have you considered … you don’t need to do them all?

First clarify, then, prioritize…Make a list (yes, check it twice). Now, highlight only the top two items. Stop committing to those things that aren’t going to support your priorities right now. Cross off those you are not going to do. When you have completed the top two, then, you can move on to your next two priorities, if they are still important.

Second, release. Instead of making excuses for what you don’t get done, or don’t want to do, let go of the should’s, could’s, would’s. They only sap your energy and you end up doing nothing.  Be careful of rationalizing excuses like, “It’s must not be that important if I don’t get it done.” There is always time to get done what you’re really committed to doing.

Now, take focused action. Interestingly, you are no longer overwhelmed. When you wake up each day, you are ready to get done what you need to do by focusing on top priorities. This quick three-step process will provide you with the energy you need to enjoy your holidays (and your work days).

Remember, your mental monologue is not your friend! Stop listening to it. Stick with the clarity of your top priorities and do them. Now, joy and ease can naturally occur.

Enjoy your holidays!

©Jeannette L. Seibly, 2015

Jeannette Seibly has been a business advisor and facilitator for over 23 years; she guides the creation of new solutions for business challenges and is the author of over 300 articles and 4 published books designed to help business leaders lead from excellence.  Check out her website: or contact Jeannette at



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