Are You Ready for Your Next Opportunity?

Many of you will exclaim, “Yes!” You believe since you’ve worked for several different companies, and have technical knowledge about finances, technology, operations, customer service and sales that you’re ready. After all, how hard can it be to take on the next opportunity in a key employee, management or leadership role?

Whoa! The fact is, you may not be ready for your next opportunity. Why? While many people may understand the technical side of the business, there is more to learn before you move forward!

5 Key Readiness Factors

Do you elicit the best in others? Many millennials are team oriented and want to work with and through others to get the job done. However, many haven’t yet mastered the art of listening or effective face-to-face interactions. Ask for and take on leading a group to accomplish a project or event, or mastermind the resolution of an issue. Take courses annually to help you learn more about how to alleviate your biases, impatience with others, and other bad habits that get in the way of your effectiveness with “people.”

Are you aware it’s not only about you? Whether you’re in one-on-one meetings, group meetings or conferences calls, there are different skills required for you to elicit the best from others. Keep the dialogue on track by respecting each person and giving them an opportunity to contribute. The key is for you to set aside your conclusions and listen to your team to ensure you’re getting the intended results. This requires you to set aside your ego. Remember, at the end of the day, your team wants to be able to say, “We did it!”

Do you achieve your intended results? Usually, poor facilitation and project management skills are why many leaders, managers and key employees do not achieve their intended results. This missing set of skills contributes to missed deadlines, and a myriad of other avoidable problems. Learn how to listen, delegate and conduct effective meetings – key skills required to achieve anything! Remember, alignment of team members, not consensus, is the goal. (Reference, 7 Ways to Improve Your Meetings Now

Do you get sidetracked by bright shiny objects? The greatest detractor in achieving intended results is your internal mental monologue.

One young entrepreneur allowed the bright shiny object syndrome to prevent her from selling her product and her internal chatter prevented her from getting help quickly. By working together, she was able to fine-tune her approach and ditch detractors. Sales dramatically increased and she gained the confidence and needed experience to prepare her for her next opportunity.

Get back on track quickly by seeking out the right mentor and coach. (Reference

Do you know how brag? It’s important to be able to sell yourself, your project, services and ideas to your boss, upper management, and future clients in a business-savvy manner. It naturally builds confidence and competence to attract future opportunities. In the book, It’s Time to Brag! Business Edition, you will learn how to develop this important life-long skill to inspire yourself and others.

Once you’ve mastered these 5 key readiness factors you’re ready for your next opportunity.

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