Lack of Success Equates to Lack of Commitment

As a business owner, executive, entrepreneur, key employee and sales leader, it’s important to understand that what you are committed to is what is showing up in your results.

Your Belief is Your Commitment

  • *If you feel entitled, everything you do, say and think will be focused on you!
  • *If you believe you have to do it alone, you will experience high turnover, be fired by vendors and have difficulty getting things done.
  • *If you think you don’t need to listen to others, think again! Being unable to effectively talk with others usually creates conflict and limits desired results. (Reference, What’s the Cost of NOT Listening?

What are you really committed to? 

Get Real about Your Commitment. It is the primary ingredient for success. Everyone talks about their commitment, while simultaneously coming up with excuses for why they didn’t do this or attend that. And, often when mistakes or failures happen it will be attributed to “It was meant to be.” Consider that that is not true. The reason you are in business today is to provide a service and/or product, achieve financial success, and/or fulfill a dream. It’s takes a commitment. Be able to state that commitment in ten words or less. Now, honor it!

Results Don’t Happen by Themselves. Results require focused actions that move you forward toward achieving your goals. Again, if you’re uncertain what you are committed to, look at the actions you have taken or the decisions you have made. Until you are clear, you will never know what actions will produce the intended results. And, justifying actions that don’t give you the results you want won’t change the outcomes! It only creates a quagmire or mental fog! When you are finally clear about your commitment, you can hire the right people the first time, provide outstanding products and services, and achieve the sales and marketing metrics you desire.

Be Comfortable being Uncomfortable. Growth is never easy. It becomes harder when you are resistant to coaching, don’t want others telling you what to do, or fear failure due to past experiences. Address these blind spots by hiring an executive coach or business advisor to help you make the necessary changes without becoming overwhelmed. Making the right changes in your lifestyle, workplace, sales activities (e.g., prospecting, networking, following-up and following-through) and other habits will have you honor your commitment. Be responsible. Don’t get hooked by the bright shiny object syndrome and go off track. (Reference, 4 Requirements for Creating New Solutions to Old Problems

Trust is the Cornerstone. Trust yourself … trust your team … trust your coach … trust the process. Trust can transform your results! The process rarely looks like you think it should. Avoid the common phrase, “try harder.” It rarely works since “try harder” will have you doing what you’ve already been doing that isn’t working and build more stress. Get in communication and learn from others.

Clarify and honor your real commitment. It will make a significant difference in your results. And remember, sometimes, it only takes a slight correction to get back on track!

©Jeannette L. Seibly, 2016

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