Being a Leader Starts on the Inside

Successful leaders understand their success starts from within and is built on genuine confidence, competence and compassion — not false bravado. They know that leaders are not born as leaders, and they must do the work to earn their successes. They work smart and are respected by others, and many times (but not always) are liked by others too! Thus, they develop an inner leadership style that works for their employees, Board and customers, while effectively handling the outer actions required too.

As part of their commitment to being the best leader they can be, leaders hire an executive coach to help them achieve results and a mentor from within the industry to recognize new opportunities. These confidants help them recognize and fine-tune their blind spots and build their natural effectiveness. By inviting inside and outside perspectives, they build on their business experiences and improve their ability to make the right decisions for win-win-win outcomes.

Fine-tuning Your Inner Leader:

-Take responsibility for yourself and your decisions.

-Trust your inner voice to guide your words and actions, and realize the need to review ideas, thoughts, opinions and feelings with your coach and mentor for clarity. This helps you stay on the right path required to achieve your results.

-Value your ideas and others’ ideas too. Continue developing the fine art of working with and through others to build solutions.

-Respect yourself and others by listening without blame, judgment or criticism to elicit the best in others.

-Be comfortable with yourself, and ensure others are confident to follow your lead. Take the time to check in to ensure others are truly on the same page with you, not just parroting what you want to hear.

-Set aside your ego by sharing the credit and celebrating the successes of others.

-Create positive learning opportunities using the inevitable failures and mistakes often made. Teach by setting the right examples.

The strength of your leadership is a reflection of the authentic confidence, competence and compassion you have developed. Remember, it’s a lifelong process not a one-time event to become the leader you’ve always dreamed of being.

 “Successful leadership requires preparation and learning from any failures along the way!” Jeannette Seibly

Jeannette Seibly has been an international business advisor and executive coach for over 23 years. She has guided the creation of countless leaders. Are you the next one?

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