Challenges Are Opportunities to Transform the Company

Many opportunities are often disguised as challenges. Brave and audacious leaders know when challenges occur that’s when new opportunities appear. To take advantage of these, leaders make the commitment to clarify the facts of the challenge, get everyone on the same page, and take focused action. They know change is never an easy process. Their courage to take on challenges, make the right changes, and turn them into rewarding opportunities is their trademark for being great leaders. Many faint-hearted counterparts miss out on these new possibilities to stay competitive, customer-centric and the employer of choice.

Courage is the trademark of bold leaders. They embrace the following:

Encourage change. There is a misperception that change means something is wrong or something needs to be fixed. The truth is change happens every day. Understanding and accepting change is a precursor to the transformative process in any company. Dauntless leaders encourage conversations designed to develop new and broader perspectives.  To help employees understand the opportunities change can bring, have them do one thing different each day.  Then, share about the positive effects.  For example: encourage them to drive to work a different way, talk with different types of potential customers, brainstorm the impact of one company goal, etc.

Talk it out responsibly.  Determined leaders are responsible for what is shared with whom. When sharing their challenges with close confidants and key employees, they are open and coachable to hear what they don’t want to hear. Thus, they are able to create new possibilities. In turn, they help their employees stay committed to pursuing the new and tactically building on what has been working.

Move forward. Not every opportunity takes the right step in the right direction. It takes tough leaders to get to the heart of new opportunities to determine their viability for the company. Using a sense of urgency, fearless leaders ask the right questions to uncover the truth and probe to hear what others may be afraid to say. By doing so, their efforts are rewarded by uncovering new systems, products and services that work for them and their customers.

Take focused action. Many times an issue or situation has been festering for a while regardless of the actions taken. Resolute leaders know it’s time to “breathe new life into resolving it” by employing outside-the-box thinking. They work with their business advisors to effectively build needed business strategies on current practices – ensuring smooth transitions.

Express thanks. Everyone loves to be appreciated, and when shared authentically can help everyone grow. Trust your employees and the process to ensure anticipated changes bring about the transformation needed to achieve success and financial rewards by acknowledging what they are doing well.

Seeking out challenges can provide the right opportunities for transforming the company when handled courageously and with aplomb.

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