Bounce Back from Tough Times

Every business owner and executive has experienced tough times dues to circumstances beyond their control. When tough times occur, some of us become fearful and stuck. We stop doing what needs to be done. We allow doubt to permeate our decisions. This may sound pessimistic. However, the simple fact is there are challenges in everyone’s life and in every business. To transform anything, you first need clarity of the facts. Wallowing is not an option for successful businesses and business professionals!

Move Forward. Unfortunately, many wait until they feel defeated before implementing structures to move forward. If you perceive yourself to be at the bottom, the only way to go is up.  Don’t wait until you get angry or disgusted with yourself for being in that position. Talk with your boss, mentor, or coach for objective ideas to help create new systems or opportunities,, small changes that can provide a bigger payoff. Now! You need to incorporate a sense of urgency; waiting itself can be the crux of the matter!

Change can be good. There is a misperception that change means something is bad. Too often this mental monologue gets triggered when people and businesses resist making the changes required in order to survive! Instead of hoping change won’t happen, do one thing different each day.  For example: drive to work a different way, talk with a different type of prospect than the norm, read one company goal at a department meeting and discuss its impact on customers, etc. In fact, many times change is just the antidote required to see your situation from a fresh perspective and enable you to take new actions

Talk it out responsibly. The fact of the matter is, regardless of how upsetting your situation may be, others have already been through a similar situation. Find someone to talk with (preferably an outside business advisor) and share the facts and your fears. Be responsible for what you share with insiders. Unfortunately, sharing uncertainty can come back to hurt people in management, due to the myth that they should have everything handled!

Take control. While you may not have control within your company, you always have control of your life. Have a conversation with your boss about taking on an assignment you’ve always wanted. If you’re an executive or business owner, take time to review your company’s strategy. How do you “breathe new life into the plan?” Work with a business advisor to effectively combine your business strategy with tactical requirements, without losing sight of the company’s direction. As a business professional, if you don’t like your career more than 50% of the time, this may be the time to get out of that career.

Be thankful. As unpopular as this may sound, be thankful for the challenges. Challenges will make you a stronger, more competent business professional. If handled properly, you will see and pursue new opportunities.  Challenges can be the building blocks to being happier, successful and finally achieving hoped-for financial rewards.

Get started now! Contact your coach and business advisor today! 

©Jeannette Seibly, 2011

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