Improve Your Results

With the economy providing a roller-coaster ride, it’s more important than ever to stay the course in your business or career. While modifications may be required, making changes without clarity is not a wise course of action. Remember the fable of the tortoise and the hare? While the hare was faster, he wasn’t able to sustain his activities. The tortoise kept going. Steady and straight. He won!

The key to improve your results? Take action now!

Know Thyself. You can build faster and stronger results using your strengths. Every weakness has strengths, every strength has weaknesses. Many people like to think they know themselves. However, it’s hard to see yourself from others’ perspectives. Along with your coach, use a highly qualified assessment tool, which will provide clarity of how you interact with others. Highly qualified means that the assessment tool meets Department of Labor guidelines for hiring and selection. These tools require quantifiably higher validity and reliability (think, accuracy) than most others on the market can provide.

Set Compelling Goals. With all the current uncertainty, many business professionals are tempted to either make pie-in-the-sky goals, or set goals so small, they do not make any measurable difference. Not only are these changes unlikely to happen, the go-nowhere process creates unnecessary stress for you and your employees, financial expenditures and loss of energy. Make goals realistic, do-able and quantifiable. Work with your business mentor to ensure you’re on the right track.

Create Focused Action. This is the key to success. Too often we set goals and forget to set up structures for fulfilling these goals. Busy work does not equal focused action! Work with your coach to ensure you’re working smarter. Take small steady steps each day. It’s better than putting everything off until it’s either urgent or your prospects have moved on.

(c)Jeannette Seibly, 2011

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