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According to Forbes, “… applying for graduate school just because you’re unemployed or don’t know what you want to do with your life is a terrible idea.” Yet, many unemployed millennials (and older unemployed people too) take out additional loans for advanced degrees, accumulating $100,000+ in debt, and often, in a profession they don’t really like and it doesn’t fit them.

Taking this route can actually make debt unmanageable since it is often impossible to find work that allows you to easily repay the debt. Often times, you stay stuck and are unable to take advantage of future opportunities since you will feel the need to play it safe and stay in positions you don’t enjoy, or thrive in, just to pay back the money.

Take a strategic, proactive approach.

If you believe you will want, or need, an advanced degree, get a job in your chosen profession and take classes at night or on the weekend. Many employers today are providing continuing education as a benefit to attract great employees.

However, FIRST, get clear about your career direction. Too often you will pick the wrong career based upon factors that may appear to be interesting to you or were recommended by someone you know and trust. (See article, Avoid the Career Mistakes that People Regret, As many studies have shown (one is from Harvard Business Review), when you fit your work responsibilities, you will have more successful and financially rewarding jobs and careers.

Get career fit.

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